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Little Dazzler Doll: Leah

Blog Dolls 6

Here are a couple of girls who love to dress up! Knowing how much little girls love to dress up dolls I’ve made sure the clothes in my doll patterns are removable which increases the play value.


Blog Dolls.jpg

This doll and her clothes are knitted in DK yarn, all pieces are knitted flat on two needles and sewn together. Leah has boots and stripy tights a warm jumper/sweater and a pretty pinafore.

Lea Doll 8

The hair is knitted in reverse stocking stitch and sewn in place with strands of yarn threaded at the sides to create the plaits/braids. All very secure so even with lots of boisterous play the hair won’t moult!


The jumper has a little press fastener at the neck opening to make dressing and undressing easier.


The pinafore has straps which fasten with two buttons on the moss stitch bib….

Lea Doll 6

…and crossover at the back.

Leah Doll 10

You can have lots of fun with different colour combinations for the clothes and hair colour.  The clothes from the Hannah Doll also fit the Leah doll so you can built up a decent little wardrobe for her.

Blog Dolls 8

The pattern is a 20 page PDF pattern with row by row instructions and plenty of photos to help with construction. Pattern is available on Ravelry and Etsy


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Knitted Teddies & Baby Booties

Blog Teddies 1

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? Since their creation at the beginning of the 20th century they have become synonymous with childhood and hold a prominent place in children’s literature. Hard to think of a nursery without a little bear sitting somewhere and although they can be made in a variety of fabrics nothing is more appealing than a knitted teddy.

Green Teddy 4

These teddy bears would make an ideal gift for a new baby especially when teamed with an adorable pair of matching baby booties.

White Teddy 9

The bears are knitted in reverse stocking stitch and have a removable duffle coat knitted  in garter stitch. They are constructed to be in a sitting position and are 9 inches (23 cms) so good size to sit nicely in a cot or playpen and be treasured forever!!

Blog Teddies 2

Teddy bear pattern is available from Etsy and Ravelry

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Little Dazzler Doll: Hannah

Hannah Dolls

I’ve spent the last month writing up my doll pattern in a legible form and having it test knitted before letting it loose on the public. Hannah is 13 inches (34 cms) in height and knitted in DK yarn. All pieces are knitted flat on two needles and sewn together.


Her dress and cardigan are also in DK yarn and are removable. I know how much little girls love dressing and undressing dolls so you can easily knit another set of clothes to increase the play value and build up her wardrobe.

Hannah doll

As with most toys gauge isn’t important, I used 4mm needles as I’m quite a tight knitter but if your tension is looser you may want to consider coming down to a smaller needle size. I’ve used Hayfield, King cole, and Stylecraft yarns for these dolls and been happy with the results.

I do like using a flecked yarn for the dress to give a polka dot effect, the King Cole Smarty range has some beautiful colourways.

Hannah Pink 7

The dress fastens with two buttons at the back and has a little sewn on bow at the waist band


The doll’s hair is knitted in garter stitch and sewn on to the head, with knitted bows at the side.


You can have a lot of fun with colour combinations for this doll and may find yourself making quite a few!

Hannah Dolls 1

The pattern is a 21 page PDF document which gives row by row instructions with plenty of images to help with construction. It is now available on Etsy and Ravelry and if you need any extra support do message me on Ravelry.

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Little Dazzler Teddy Bear

Three Teds

At long last I’ve managed to write up my teddy bear pattern. It’s been a long time coming, but it is now been tweaked and test knitted and laid out in a form my fellow knitters should be able to follow!

Twin teds 1

The bear is in a sitting position and measures 23 cms (9 inches) in height. It is knitted in DK yarn, I used Hayfield bonus DK which I was happy with.  All pieces are knitted flat on two needles, so a bit of seaming to do, but the seams do give structure and stability to the toy. The bear is knitted in a reverse stocking stitch, I do like reverse stocking stitch for bears, gives them a bit of a vintage look.

Twin teds 6

The facial features are all embroidered using mainly satin stitch, but safety eyes could be used if preferred.

Twin Teds 9

The duffle coat is knitted in garter stitch, which is simple and straight forward to do and is fastened using baby toggle buttons.

The pattern is a 15 page PDF document giving row by row instructions to knit up the bear and duffle coat and contains plenty of photographs to help with construction. The pattern is now available on Etsy and Ravelry.

Three Teds 2

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Bears and Boots

Blog Bear 1

I love teaming up little novelty baby booties with a matching toy. Together they make a lovely gift for baby showers and a good way to show off the knitting prowess!

These teddy bears are knitted in DK yarn on 4mm needles and measure 9 inches (23cms) in a sitting position.

Blog Bear

The clothes are removable. The little duffle coat is knitted in garter stitch on 3.75 needles and is a perfect snug fit.

Blue Bear 8

As with all little teddies they can become addictive to knit, here is one with a yellow duffle coat.

Teddy Set 2

The booties have a single rib cuff with plenty of stretch to be comfortable around little ankles, the sole measures  4.25 inches (11cms) with plenty of stretch to fit babies up to 6 months and beyond.

Teddy Slippers 6

They can be knitted with a jumper instead of a duffle, this one has a comfy cabled polo neck, which again can be removed for washing. Another idea would be to knit one with a jumper incorporating the baby’s initial.

I’ve recently knitted a teddy bear to go with a little girl’s shoe and hat set.

Baby Gift Set 5

This little bear was knitted in a chenille style yarn which was hard going to knit with, but worth the effort as it produced a soft cuddly toy. The hat and shoes were knitted in a matching soft creamy yellow.

Blog Bear 2

No matter what you knit if you add a little bear with it it becomes an irresistible little gift!



Bianca Bunny and Friends

Who can resist a bunny in a little dress and cardigan? Even when knitted from the same pattern each one has their own character, so cute and homely and a wonderful gift to make.


Bianca Bunny 5

Bianca is made from a lovely creamy white yarn and dressed in a pretty yellow and turquoise dress, with a navy cardigan.

Bianca Bunny 4 Evie

Lydia Bunny 5

Evie is knitted in a fawn colour with a turquoise flecked dress and yellow cardigan.

Lydia Bunny 9


Daisy Bunny 7

This one is dressed in pink and blue. Great way to use up small amounts of leftover yarn in your stash.

Daisy Bunny

What little girl could resist a ballerina bunny…..

Ballet Bunny 2

…..complete with ballet wrap.

Ballet Bunny








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Here Come the Girls!

Dolls 2

Next to rabbits my favourite thing to knit are dolls. They take a bit longer and you can agonise over getting the face and hair just right but it can be so worth it when you have the finished result.

All the above dolls are 13 inches (34 cms) tall and all knitted in DK including the clothes. You can have a free reign with styles and colour combinations which add to the fun of making them.

Hannah Doll 4

I love the self patterning yarns which give a fair isle effect, it certainly takes away the hassle of carrying different strands of yarn at the back of your work which for me always plays havoc with the tension.

Hannah 6

I do prefer to make the dolls with a knitted scull cap for the hair which is firmly attached to the head, and on to this can can be added plaits, ringlets or loose strands of yarn.

Doll Eleanor

I do expect my dolls to be played with and feel confident this way the hair will always stay in place and not come away if the doll is lifted up by the hair.

Doll and Teddy 2

You can also have fun making little accessories to go with the dolls, such as bags, little teddy bears and even knitted dogs.

Penny & Pip

They all add to making the doll unique and increase the play value, or even the collect ability as not just children love to receive dolls!!

Dolls 1.jpg