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More For The Toy Box…

With all the crafting and fitting in holidays I haven’t had much time to post lately, but here are a few items I’ve worked on in the last month.

Toy Group.jpg

Hopefully they will all go off as gifts to delight their new owners.

Hannah & Pip

Doll and Dog 2

As Autumn is fast approaching I thought a warm duffle coat would make a good seasonal addition to a dolls wardrobe and one she can use when taking her little puppy dog Pip for a walk!

Doll and Dog 4.jpg

The duffle coat is done in a simple garter stitch and I thought yellow toggles would work well with the yellow and green dress and yellow hair bows. The red lead attaches very nicely round the dolls hand.

Toy Group 1

Nothing nicer than meeting up with a friend. Both dolls are from the same pattern, just different hairstyles. Love using choosing the colours for the outfits, then seeing how different each one turns out.

Doll and Dog 5.jpg

From green & yellow to…

Doll in Pink

… to blue and pink…


and another one in similar colours.

Jack Bunny

Continuing with the duffle coat theme had to make one for a bunny

Bunny in Duffle 2.jpg

This time in turquoise and navy, which teams up nicely with the baggy overalls.

Bunny in Duffle

Baby Bear


This cute little 5″ bear would delight a little girl who loves putting dolls to bed as it fits beautifully in the 9″ Moses basket.


and looks very snug wrapped up in her blanket.






Three Best Friends!


I do love making dolls, but they are a lot trickier than bears and rabbits. So much time and energy goes on getting the faces and hair just right. If eyes and noses are a fraction out you can easily end up with a ‘Bride of Chuky’ style doll! On the plus side though you can have a ball choosing and matching colours for your project.


Jenny Doll

For all three of the dolls I used Ala & Ela’s Valerie Doll pattern for the head, I do like the shape of the head and the hair on this doll, although I have given the dolls ringlets rather than plaits.

Jenny is taller than the other dolls, measuring 13 inches. I made her legs and body slightly longer and gave her boots rather than shoes and socks. I knitted her a little duffle coat and and a pull on hat for cold blustery days.

Jenny Doll 3

She does look quite snug and ready to brave the elements.


Polly is a sweet little doll measuring 11.5 inches, and has a lacy dress with picot edging.


She is knitted in DK on 4mm needles.


and has a matching cardigan knitted on 3.25mm needles.



Amy is a similar doll, just in different colours


The hair is knitted as a skull cap and sewn to the head, and you can add plaits or ringlets.


A great gift idea for little girls of any age.



Doll in a Moses Basket

I was asked recently if I could knit a little doll in a Moses Basket and I’m so glad I took on the project.


The Moses basket is knitted in a chunky yarn to make it sturdy and is 9″ in length. It comes with mattress and pillow and a  blanket to keep the doll warm and snug..Baby2

The handles of the Moses Basket were made by plaiting several strands of yarn, and securely attached to the basket. Baby4

The little doll is 5″ high in a sitting position and is knitted in DK and the clothes in 4ply. They  certainly have a lot of play value, and would make an ideal gift for a little girl who is about to become a big sister!


Made another doll in a lilac outfit, who seemed to suit the Moses Basket as well


Might be an idea to make a Moses Basket for twins!




Two More Dolls

Here are two more dolls that I have made in the last month. There were made from a fusion of patterns and were lovely to make.

Polly and Oscar


This is Polly and she comes complete with Oscar her favourite teddy Bear. Instead of the usual dress and cardigan I went for a jumper and pinafore this time.


Doll and clothes are DK and she stands at 13 inches. Little Oscar is about 3.5 inches, he is a cute little character but quite fiddly to assemble and stuff. First time I have knitted a teddy bear that small.


Do think they look cute together.



This doll is the same size but kept her in a dress with picot hem and button fastening on the shoulders. I decided to have her hair plated, and knitted two little bows which have been very securely attached to the hair.


All her clothes are removeable, so you could make a few cardigans and dresses to increase the play value.



Elizabeth and Olivia

Here are two little dolls that would make lovely Christmas presents for little girls and they are not too difficult to make.




Both dolls are made from the same pattern by Wendy Phillips at Flutterby Patch. Their dresses and cardigans are removeable which I feel gives them extra play value.


The clothes don’t take up that much yarn, so a good way of using those odd balls leftover from other projects and you can have a lot of fun with colour combinations.


I changed the hairstyle from the pattern as I can never get a neat look when I have loose strands of yarn covering the head.




I knitted the dolls on 4mm needles, both doll and clothes were made with DK yarn and are 13″ in height.

Doll and Cardi

As the clothes are removeable you can make a few outfits as little girls do love dressing up dolls.

dressed doll

As they are so colourful they can also make an attractive decoration for the nursery or little girls bedroom.


They do look like they are the best of friends 🙂


A Couple of Dolls!

I managed this week to finish the two dolls I had set myself to do. Dolls are so hard to get right you can’t really rush them. Then hair and face has to be spot on otherwise they can easily become halloween toys!!

Miss Veronica


I was pleased with the way this doll turned out as she was a fusion of several patterns. For the body, head and hair I used the Jean Greenhowe pattern for Emily. I like the way this pattern has the body and head knitted as one piece, this eliminates a lot of wobble and saves on a bit of sewing. Although if you don’t like sewing pieces together this project may not be at the top of your ‘to do’ list.


The body of the doll was knitted in DK on 4mm needles and the clothes are knitted in 4ply on 3.75 mm needles


Her legs and dress are from the Mary Jane’s Tearoom pattern for her rabbit Daisy. I do love the dress, the little lace edging makes it really pretty.


She turned out to measure 18″, so a good size doll.


Her dress has a lovely little bow at the back.

DSCN4668I can see her very much at home sitting in a little girls bedroom.


The other doll I completed is a little smaller



She is a sweet little doll measuring 12″ knitted from an Ala & Ela pattern.


Both doll and clothes are knitted in DK and she has lovely Strawberry Blonde hair


She could easily be made into a fashion doll if you wanted to knit a few dresses and cardigans for her in different colours.


Of course her little bag completes the outfit.



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More for the Toy Box…..

Life has been very busy latley as I’ve been taking care of my Mum who is quite poorly at the moment, so apologies for not keeping the blog up to date over the last few weeks. I have managed to still  keep up with my knitting though, creating mainly dolls and rabbits.

Miss Isabella


She is based on Jean Greenhowe’s Emily. I have made this doll before and just love the way she turns out, Jean is a brilliant designer, lots of fiddly parts to sew together but well worth the effort.


I used 4mm needles with DK yarn and she turned out 17″ in height, which gives a nice size doll. I used a spotted yarn for the blouse which contrasts well with the pinafore.


Being dressed in the Victorian style she has her long pantalets to keep her warm.

Miss Florence

After making Isabella, I was asked to make another in different colours.


I used mainly pinks and greys here and was happy with the result.


With a little support she stands well on her own.


These dolls are really sweet and can make a lovey addition to both the nursery or as a gift for an older child.




Lucy is a smaller doll more suitable  for an older child.


She stands at 11″and is quite a little fashionista, a doll about town so to speak!!


She could be made with different outfits as even the shoes are knitted separately. This would keep a little girl happy dressing her up….


… snug little cardigans


A few more Rabbits


I’m so addicted to these little bunnies that I get withdrawal symptoms If I don’t knit one after a certain length of time. They are a Debi Birken pattern and if I need to knit a rabbit this is definately my bunny of choice.

Pansy Bunny


Her friend….

Iris Bunny


and their friend also complete with snug cardigan

Avril Bunny


Off now to work on some teddy bears!