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Nautical Bunnies

This week I decided to take another break from knitting  little coats and hats and create  a little character instead. Opted this time for a couple of rabbits rather than a teddy bear.


Since summer is upon us I decided to go for a nautical theme and created Sammy and Susie the seaside bunnies. I used leftover yarn I had in my stash, all DK. Picked out blues, white and reds to get that nautical look, I was worried at one point they would look a bit too Gallic, but a pair of French bunnies would have been just as cute.

Susie was the first bunny to be made and measures 9 inches from the tips of her ears.

Susie Bunnie

Her legs and body are knitted in one piece, arms are knitted separately and attached. With this type of rabbit you can change the type of leggings, socks and jumper so you can create a different rabbit everytime. The little pinafore is knitted separately and is removeable so she could come with her own little wardrobe.

knitted bunnies

Susie Bunny

Sammy is based on the same pattern. I knitted a couple of more rows for the legs so he would come out slightly taller.

knitted bunnies

All his little clothes are knitted separately. Enjoyed knitting his little jumper, loved the anchor it gave the right touch to the nautical theme.

knitted bunnies

Sammy Bunny

I would have liked his shorts to have been a bit baggier, I may need to add more stitches next time around or perhaps not stuff his legs as much!!

Overall I was pleased with the way they turned out, especially when they are both together as they look very much a pair.


Just hope there is a breeze on the beach, because with all their woollies these poor little bunnies might fry!



Dusky Rose Frock Coat

This week I decided to stay with the variegated yarn theme,  raided through my ever growing stash, and came up with this combination of pinks.


I based the pattern on a 1950’s vintage style matinee coat to fit a little girl of 6-9 months. It is all in DK, I used the multi coloured yarn which knitted up beautifully for the skirt, which was done in one piece. I incorporated gradual decreases in the skirt to the waistband. and used a dusky pink for the bodice and sleeves.


The bodice and sleeves were knitted in moss stitch for a different texture and  the edgings were done in garter stich using a darker pink. The buttons I already had in my collection and appear to be an excellent match, really pleased with that!

DSCN1180  DSCN1176

Overall the effect is quite pretty the two pink yarns blend in well with the mult-coloured section. To complement the coat I had to make a matching pair of shoes. Just love making these Mary Jane shoes, such a cute addition to any little girls wardrobe.

DSCN1177  DSCN1178

Off now to start another project!


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Rhapsody in Blue

Just finished another Coat and hat set. I used a previous  pattern and modified it for a baby boy.


In the past I’ve never been a great fan of the self striping or variegated yarns. Even though they come in beautiful colour combinations I’ve never been happy with the random way they knit up, sometimes giving and uneven look to the garment.  Anyway I had the idea of using a matching single colour to both break up and complement the stripey yarn. I think it has worked well, and along with the contrasting stocking stitch and double moss stitch I was pleased with the result.

DSCN1154  DSCN1161

So pleased with the result that I’ve stocked up on some more of these multi-coloured yarns!