Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear

Favourite Links

This page is a gateway to just a pick of the wonderful Knitting and Craft sites out there on the web.

girl knitting

Excellent social networking site for those who knit and crochet. Great source for free patterns and advice on techniques and yarns. Groups on every subject for you to join to discuss topics with like minded people.

TECH Knitter
A wonderful informative site on knitting techniques which give your knitting a professional finish. It’s aim is to change home made knitting into hand made knitting.

Knitting Pattern Central
A directory of free knitting and crochet patterns

Knitting Images
A brilliant site for access to free knitting images that can be used in a range of activitiess. Good quality images ranging from the cute to the classic.

Knitty is the longest-running free knitting magazine on the web. Launched in 2002, there are more than 10 years worth of fabulous knitting patterns and articles

Woolly Wormhead
Good site with downloadable tutorials on knitting techniques to give your work that professional look


3 thoughts on “Favourite Links

  1. Do you have the patterns for teddy clothes please

  2. Carol Hope you will not forget to post your fab work you have done since November 2016. Its Wonderful. Would I be terrible if I asked you which website you bought the patterns for the following : Matty Bear, Tilda Bear, Joey Bear, William Bear, Tessa Bear and Billy Bear ?
    Looking forward to seeing your new creations since last November.

    Kind Regards

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