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Matty and Tilda

I have been working on more bears this week. These two are from the same pattern by Ala and Ela

Matty and Tilda


They are created in a sitting position and measure 8.5″ – 9″. Matty came out a bit bigger as I knitted a couple of more lines in the legs and body.

They are classic little bears and surpringly a quick knit, the hardest bit is sewing the legs properly so you get the bears in a sitting position.

I made Tilda first

DSCN4734I couldn’t wait to put the dress on her, love the pleated affect of the skirt.


Think if I make her again I’ll try and make the legs jointed so she can also be put in a standing position. Just a word of warning don’t overstuff the arms or you will have a tight squeeze getting her into the dress!

DSCN4739The little bow in her hair adds the finishing touch.

After making her I had to make a boy teddy, so started work on Matty


Although they are from the same pattern he does look a different little character.


His little trousers and jumper fit quite nicely and he looks quite a cute cuddly bear waiting for someone to love him!

DSCN4766I like this pattern it makes a good traditional looking teddy bear andĀ  I will certainly ake more of them in the future




Autumn Bear

Weather is certainly changing here in the UK, there is a definate autumnal feel in the air, although August wasn’t that much warmer! Just finished a bear with the cold weather in mind, so made sure he is well wrapped up to brave the elements.

Joey Bear

teddy & coat

He is a sweet little bear measuring 11″. Both bear and clothes are knitted in DK on 4mm needles.


Instead of knitting the jumper seperately I knittedĀ  the upper body and sleeves in a different yarn to create the jumper. Thought this would make his clothes less bulky when wearing the duffle coat.


The yellow jumper and orange baggy overalls are good colours for Autumn yet still bright for the nursery.


The duffle coat is a good fit, I used four toggles to give a double breasted look.


Joey looks nice and snug for the cold times ahead!!