Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear


Miss Emilia

I have been itching to make anotherĀ  doll for a while now so decided to go ahead this past week before I start on the Christmas orders. I do love the Victorian style dolls so this one is a kind of fusion of Jean Greenhowe’s Emily and Charlotte.

So here we have Miss Emilia


I have knitted one of these before with a pinafore dress but this time opted for a sailor style outfit. She is knitted in DK on 3.25 needles with 4.00 needles for the hair. Not for the faint hearted this doll, as there are lots of little pieces to knit and sew.


But she is worth it when you see her coming along.


Love the long bloomers that no self respecting Victorian doll would be seen without.


Her belt fastens with a bow at the back and her dress has a beautiful sailor collar.


She is a good size, she measures 15″ standing and 9″ in a sitting position. As her legs are knitted and sewn on separately she can be easily seated.


These dolls are quite substantial and though they are hard workthey do make lovely gifts for that special little girl in your life.