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Two More Dolls

Here are two more dolls that I have made in the last month. There were made from a fusion of patterns and were lovely to make.

Polly and Oscar


This is Polly and she comes complete with Oscar her favourite teddy Bear. Instead of the usual dress and cardigan I went for a jumper and pinafore this time.


Doll and clothes are DK and she stands at 13 inches. Little Oscar is about 3.5 inches, he is a cute little character but quite fiddly to assemble and stuff. First time I have knitted a teddy bear that small.


Do think they look cute together.



This doll is the same size but kept her in a dress with picot hem and button fastening on the shoulders. I decided to have her hair plated, and knitted two little bows which have been very securely attached to the hair.


All her clothes are removeable, so you could make a few cardigans and dresses to increase the play value.



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Two Elephants and a Fox

Can’t believe it has been a month since I updated the blog. In my defence I have been busy, mainly knitting toys. So here is a selection of them.

Esme and Edwin


These elephants, are a good 10 inches in height, knitted in DK on 4mm needles.

Edwin Elephant

They are both from the same pattern, just the clothes are different.

Ellie Elephant

I used the same colours for their clothes, so they look very much a pair. I think they would make an ideal gift for boy and girl twins.

Frankie Fox

Frankie Fox

I’ve been wanting to make a fox for a long time, and loved the way this one turned out.


He is a good 16 inches in height and looks pretty laid back in his polo-neck.