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A Few More Rabbits

After a much needed holiday at the end of September I returned refreshed and have spent October busily building up stock for a Christmas Craft Fair. Had to make some more rabbits of course.


Jack the Rabbit

Bunny in Duffle Coat

After maknig a bear in a duffle coat had to make a rabbit with one as well.


I do love teaming up a turquoise blue and a darker blue  together, one of my favourite colour combinations and they both look good with grey.


He does look snug when full dressed.

Sarah and Dora


All are from the same pattern, just variations in the colour combinations and outfits which make them very different.


For Sarah I went for a pink and lilac combination another favourite!

Bunny in Pinafore

And very fetching she looks in her pinafore.

Bunny in a dress

For Dora I opted for a little dress with puffed sleeves.

They do look a cute little trio, all waiting now for new homes.