Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear


DSCN0929Welcome to  the blog of Little Dazzler Creations. We create hand knitted babywear and toys which we sell through Etsy and Craft Fairs. Our baby clothes range from traditional Layettes to stylish modern outfits. All products are created to a high standard using materials which conform to British Standard safety regulations

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh please oh please can I have a rabbit Carol? You are so clever, I am sure you will be an internet craft sensation m’dear. hope to see you soon, please let me know when you are going to come and see us in the LRC so I can definately be here this time. Lots of love and hugs,

    Sherry xxx

  2. I just love the wedding bunnies! They were meant to be a gift but I want to keep them!

  3. Your dolls are beautiful! I have lots of dolls that my grandma knitted when I was younger and I have always loved them!

  4. Your knitting is amazing !! May I ask what stitch you use to sew up your toys please??? Kind regards Nicola

    • Thank you so much Nicola for the lovely comment. Some of the seams I use a back stitch, but where I want the seams to be flat and ‘almost’ invisible I use a ladder stitch

  5. Hi Carol, we are interested in your knitted Grenadier. I’ve looked to buy on ETSY but haven’t found them.
    Regards Sue

  6. Carol Nov 2016 was your last blog. Hope you have not stopped such Wonderful work.

    • Hi Noranne
      No I certainly haven’t stopped the knitting, just haven’t got round to keeping the blog up to date. Must get back to it soon, thanks for getting in touch

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