Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear



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10 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Could I please buy a knitting pattern for bride and groom rabbits I would love to knit them for my friends wedding

  2. I would love to buy a pattern for the coat with cable which you’ve called ‘Sunday Best’.

  3. Hi carol
    I have the emu pattern 8652 for the yellow matinee coat could you tell me have they ever done it in double knitting as i need instructions for it in double knit hope you could help me with this
    Thanks sarah

    • Hi Sarah,
      I have the same pattern which just gives instructions for 4ply and 3 ply, as far as I’m aware They never produced instructions for DK. However I have knitted this pattern with DK using the 4ply instructions, it does come out a bit bigger, (but not by and awful lot) which may not be a bad thing as the baby will grow into it.
      This is the one I knitted in DK

      Hope that helps

  4. Thank you carol I will make it in dk and see how it comes out

  5. Hi there
    Could I buy the the knitting pattern for Lilly or Margot Bunny?


  6. Carol Hope you will not forget to post your fab work you have done since November 2016. Its Wonderful. Would I be terrible if I asked you which website you bought the patterns for the following : Matty Bear, Tilda Bear, Joey Bear, William Bear, Tessa Bear and Billy Bear ?
    Looking forward to seeing your new creations since last November.

    Kind Regards

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