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Given up the Day Job!

Can’t believe I’ve gone ahead and given up the day job  to indulge my passion for creating beautiful baby clothes and cute little characters for the nursery, (actually took a very early retirement –well  who am I trying to kid!  I jumped while I still had some drive left in me! ).  Not sure if there is going to be a lot of money in it, in fact looking at the amazing competition out there and the amount of hours that go into creating that stylish end product I’m pretty sure there isn’t, at least not in the short term.

But my time now is my own to organise as I like, and I can let loose my creative flair to produce some amazing baby fashions (well that’s the theory).

Our daughter Hannah graduated this year and has stayed on in Sheffield so I’m able to use her room as a work studio. At the moment it is stocked with a wonderful array of yarns and fabrics, just begging to be turned into a wonderful work of art, well lets hope! Must make sure though Han has a space to sleep when she comes home for Christmas.

Tony and I have just come back from a lovely holiday in Brittany, managed to find a few wool shops while I was there and stocked up on yarns etc.  Even brought a ‘project bag’ on holiday how dedicated is that! Tony is scared this new venture may take over my life!! so I need to set up a routine.

How do other craft workers manage? Life seems to be torn between: building up a stock, establishing  a system of selling it on (setting up an Etsy shop at the moment – trying to get photographs just right!! also looking for Craft Fairs in the area), and promoting the finished product, which is all so time consuming and quite dependent on social networking, another area I must develop.

Looks like favourite soaps and television programmes will be taking a hit this Autumn, find it difficult to knit and watch, although I can knit an listen, are other knitters like this or is it just me?. Big exception will be Downton Abbey, knitting needles will be rested so full attention can be given to wonderful costumes and the often historically inacurate storylines which are nontheless so compelling.

I am well armed at the moment with  the Craftseller – a very kind subscription gift from colleagues to give me advice and inspiration to develop a marketing strategy!! So early days in this new craft venture, which will have it’s ups and downs, but will be a great learning curve I’m sure.

I’ll keep you posted of new projects and my exciting adventures in the world of Craft Fairs and online trading