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Boots and Shoes

Mary Janes for Easter


Animal Booties



Cute Little Slippers


More Mary Jane’s


Little Dog Slippers

DSCN0810      DSCN0855

DSCN0809      DSCN0858

These fun slippers are ideal to keep little feet toasty warm. To fit babies 6-12months, they are knitted in a DK yarn with a pretty picot edging and a cute little dog on each foot!

Boots for every outfit

DSCN0865    DSCN0862

Child with style! No excuse not to be fully co-ordinated, must have boots to accompany every coat or jacket. Fit baby 3-6 months DK yarn so toes will be cosy.

Mary Jane Shoes

DSCN0889      DSCN0895

DSCN0893      DSCN0897

Little Mary Jane shoes complete every little girls wardrobe. These stylish little shoes fit babies up to 6 months, they are fastened with a little pearl button to make sure they stay on! and are decorated with a range of different embellishments.

Play Shoes

DSCN0949    DSCN0948

DSCN0950    DSCN0954

Casual shoes for that all important playdate! To fit baby 3-6 months, come in bright fun colours with extra fastenings to keep in place.


6 thoughts on “Boots and Shoes

  1. Hi Carol, your knits are just amazing!

  2. hi carol your booties and wee shoes are beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, I love knitting little shoes, there is almost instant gratification as they knit up so quickly and there is always something so cute about little footwear 🙂

  3. Are the patterns availablefor sale

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