Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear

Teddy Bears

Matty Bear



Tilda Bear


Joey Bear

teddy & coat


William Bear

17″ Dressed Bear



Candy Bear

17″ Dressed Bear


Tessa Bear

10″ Dressed Bear


Amy Bear

10″ Dressed Bear


Edward Bear

17″ resssed Bear



Polly the Polar Bear

17″ Dressed Bear



Billy Bear

10″ Dressed Bear



Theo Bear


Bethany Bear

Beth BearBethany is another blue eyed bear knitted in chunky yarn, she is 12 inches and comes with removeable dress. Available on Etsy

Tommy Bear

Tommy BearAvailable on Etsy

Danny Bear

Danny Bear

Annie Bear

Annie Bear

Tommy, Danny and Annie are classic teddy bears, 12 inches tall in a sitting position with their own removeable cardigan.

Daisy May

Daisy May Bear


Sweet little blue eyed Daisy May measures 12 inches and is knitted in a chunky yarn with a smart little pink dress and pale blue shoes.

Matty Bear

Matty Bear

DSCN1050  DSCN1053

A classic teddy bear, Matty Bear measures 14 inches knitted in garter stitch with a chunky merino yarn in toffee and cream. He is very soft and cuddly and comes with a removeable waistcoat.

Molly Bear

Molly Bear

DSCN1060  Teddy Bears

Molly is a bright little bear, knitted in a beige DK yarn and measures 18 inches. She has floppy leg joints so she can sit in a variety of positions. Her clothes are removeable and she waers a stripey polo neck jumper in pink and lilac with matching shorts. She has white ankle socks with pink shoes.

Joey Bear

Joey bear

Joey bear is a cute playful bear measuring 8 inches, comes in bright play overalls and shoes.

Hannah Bear

Hannah Bear

Hannah and Joey Bear

Hannah is a cute little girl bear, playmate of Joey Bear. She measures 8 inches with a pretty dress with shoes and ankle socks.

Baby Bear

Baby Bear

Baby Beat  Baby Bear

Baby bear measures 5 inches just the right size for little hands. Dressed in a bright little waistcoat can sit in the corner of cot or playpen

7 thoughts on “Teddy Bears

  1. Hi carol, your knitted bears are fantastic, I would love to knit the girl teddies, could I please buy the pattern of you, thanks Gina x

    • Hi Gina, which Teddy bear is it you are interested in? The ones that are my own design haven’t been written up yet, but if it’s one I used a commercial pattern for I can direct you to the website 🙂

  2. Hi Gina to make Molly Bear I used a pattern from Mary Jane’s Tearoom which you can buy here

  3. Hi Carol

    I love all your bears they are fantastic but I’ve only been knitting a while and just wondered if you had a pattern for Hannah bear and Joe bear please.
    Also wanted to know do you knitt the outfits seperately so you can change their clothes.
    I look forward to hearing .

    Kind regards


    • Hi Terriann
      Thanks for the lovely comment, the pattern I use for the little bears is Debi Birkins Ducky Bear which you can find here
      It is quite an easy bear to knit, I do knit the clothes seperately and sometimes an extra outfit as little girls do love dressing up bears!!
      Hope this helps – good luck with the knitting
      All the best

      • Hi Carol

        Thank you very much. I will send you a photo when I’ve knotted my first one. I’m going to do them as birthday bears for my children and family and friends . The first one will be in February .

        Kind regards


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