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Miss Charlotte

Running with the doll theme again this week as the Woman’s Weekly Doll KAL is still continuing. I just love this doll, she is a Victorian style doll base on Jean Greenhowe’s Emily. She has been on my ‘to do’ list for some time so now was a good excuse to start her.


She is knitted in DK on size 3.25mm needles and 4mm needles for the hair. She is hard work as there are lots of little pieces to knit, so therefore a lot of sewing!


I chose white,cream, coral pink and red in the hope they would work well with her skin and hair colour. It was fun putting her together and watching how she shaped up.


The rinklets and bows were all sewn on separately, so positioning them and holding them in place was a bit tricky.


She has full length white bloomers!! With the heatwave we have had recently I did feel for her when sewing them in place!


She stands at 15″ and 9″ in a sitting position. Her pinafore has a picot-edged collar and belt at the waist, both knitted separately and stitched in place with a bow at the back


I always embroider the face at the beginning, because I’m always eager to see what she is going to look like, although I know a lot of people leave the face until the very end.


Dolls faces are always tricky and they never quite turn out as pretty as you hope, but to be fair I think she is prettier than the other dolls I’ve attempted. But looks aren’t everything, showing character is probably more important even in a doll!


Even though she was hard work, I think she was worth it, and I would make another one in perhaps a different colour combination.


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Bella the Ballerina

Still working on dolls, once you start making them you keep seeing really cute patterns everywhere. This sweet little ballerina is one of Jean Greenhowe’s mascot dolls


Jean’s patterns are a favourite with many. Lovely clear instructions and all parts so cleverly constructed, don’t think anybody could go wrong with her patterns.


In this pattern the legs body and head are knitted as one, always a bonus not having to sew the head on separatley. Sometimes it can take a fair bit of sewing to get rid of the wobble!  She is knitted in DK on 3.25 needles and size 4.5 for the hair.


The hair is actually knitted seperately and stitched on to the stuffed head, love the little bun on top of her hair and it is decorated with a little band and flower at the side.


The tutu is comprised of three skirts, layered and sewn at the waistline, which has a very pretty effect.


Think this doll would make an ideal gift for a little girl (or a not so little girl) who loves her ballet. She would make a great little companion while practising dance routines.


Think Bella has the makings of a great ballerina, she knows her stuff – could be another Darcy Bussell!


Little Katie

Thought I would turn my hand to knitting dolls this month, especially as the Women’s Weekly group are running a Doll KAL throughout the months of July and August. So finished Katie at the weekend.


The pattern is from Twins Ela & Ala who do make some of the cutest toys. She is my favourite doll from the ones I have made so far, largely because the hair was a pleasure to do, may not be a fancy hairdo but it is neat! One of the best things about this pattern is the hair is knitted as a scull cap and stitched on to the stuffed head, then long pieces of matching yarn are attached to create plaits or pig tails.

DSCN3092The doll and clothes were all knitted in DK  on 4mm needles, a good project to use up odd balls of yarn lefover from other projects. I chose yellow and lilac to give her a bright clean look and a dark brown for the hair.


She measures 13″ from head to toe and 6″ in a sitting position. Hands legs and head are all knitted seperately and attached, bit of a squeese getting the dress over her head, if I make another doll from this pattern I may make a button fastening on the dress.

DSCN3096Little girls love dressing and undressing dolls so it would make life easier, and as the dress was a quick knit one or two extra dresses would give little Katie more play value! A cardigan is always a useful addition to the wardrobe so knitted her an accompanying jacket.


So all dressed up with ribbons in her hair she is ready to enjoy a day out.