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Pretty in Pink & Lovely in Lilac

Spent the weekend finishing a couple of projects that have been on the needles for a while, or were in need of sewing up. I tend to knit a few items and then have a ‘making up day’ when I can devote the time to assembling all the pieces together. Don’t like rushing the end bit, as we all know sewing the pieces together can either make or break the project.

Little Flower Coat and Hat


This is a very simple coat to knit, it’s DK in a lovely pastel pink with white trim.It’s knitted in stocking stitch with a garter stitch button band. The double breasted opening , I think gives it a very chic look and turns what could have been a very plain coat into something quite special. The knitted flower has a pearl centre and enhanced the coat  quite nicely. I knitted a little pull on hat with knitted flower to match and to complete the outfit I made a pair of matching boots.

DSCN1092  DSCN1084

Violets and Roses


This DK coat is in lilac with a pink trim. The skirt of the coat has cable panels, which took a while to do – had to concentrate, hence it was on the needles for a while as I started other projects!!!  A gradual decrease in stitches towards the waist gives the coat a swing effect. The bodice and sleeves are in moss (seed) stitch which is a nice contrast. Had to make some shoes to go with it, so made a pair of Mary Jane shoes decorated with a little lilac rose.

DSCN1070  DSCN1096



The Knitted Teddy

Teddy BearsI’ve spent most of April creating a selection of different Teddy Bears, and what a joy that has been. No nursery or childs bedroom would be complete without them which makes it hard to believe the Teddy Bear only dates from the early twentieth century. Although teddies can be made in a variety of different materials from faux fur to plush luxury fabrics there is something  appealing about the knitted teddy. So homely, endearing and full of character.

The first bear I completed was Molly bear, she was hard work, especially as her clothes were knitted  in 4ply (seemed to take forever to knit up) but I was pleased with the result. She stands at 18 inches with floppy leg joints so she can sit in any position. She’s dressed (clothes are removable) in stripey polo neck jumper, lilac shorts and little white ankle socks and pink shoes with a stripey bow.

Molly Bear

Next to be completed was Joey Bear.

Joey Bear

He’s a small bear standing at 8 inches. Quick to knit up as his body including the shoes are knitted in one piece and he comes dressed in some baggy overalls ready for play.

Joey bear

After knitting Joey had to knit a girl teddy to keep him company, so Hannah bear was created using the same pattern


Both teddies and clothes are knitted in DK with white ankle socks knitted in for Hannah.  The dress was fun to do, it is an eyelet pattern in yellow yarn with green trim to match her shoes, so she looks like she is in her Sunday best.

Hannah Bear

I love the way these little bears take on a character all of their own despite being knitted up from the same pattern, something that doesn’t happen with the commercially mass produced bear. Well maybe I’m just prejudiced here!

Hannah and Joey Bear  Hannah and Joey Bear

Last bear to be finished was Matty bear, yes these bears are named after my grown up children.

Matty Bear

Matty is a very different type of bear, based on a Classic Teddy design he measures in at 14 inches. He is knitted in a chunky merino yarn in toffee and cream which is lovely and soft, making him a very cuddly bear and a  smart one in his waistcoat.

Matty Bear

It has been a busy few weeks, just hope they become toys to treasure. Shall give my hands a rest for a few days and plan what to do in May!


French Inspiration

La Droguerie

On a recent trip to France I had the good fortune to discover La Droguerie a wonderful yarn and craft shop. Tony and I happened to come across it by chance as we strolled along the narrow streets in the Old Quarter of Lille. The store is a visual delight for craft lovers offering inspiration as soon as you enter its doors.

La Droguerie1

Hanks of yarn are hung in a striking array of colours starting with the finest ply at one end and the chunkier fibre at the other. Ribbons and buttons are beautifully displayed in little boxes and glass jars begging for inspection. Knitted baby items created from their own patterns are mounted and displayed artistically on the walls. I could spend as much time here as in an art gallery, much to the annoyance of the darling husband whose patience was beginning to wane when it was obvious it wasn’t going to be a quick exit.

The need to stock up on items was overwhelming. Even though my French isn’t the best I had to stock up on some of their baby patterns. I’ve bought  plenty of cookery books in French over the years and have always managed to work things out, so I thought I should be able to do the same with the knitting patterns!!

I bought Rêve de bébé à La Droguerie which has some really sweet and stylish little outfits.

Little Duffle Coats  Pink Cardigan

Coat in Green  All Patterns

I’m determined to try my hand at some of them soon, especially as I came across a great website with a French/English knitting dictionary. So Voila, no excuse not to start now.