Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear

Coats and Hats

Baby Coat, Hat & Shoe Set (Mint & White)

0-3 months

DSCN1462Available on Etsy


Baby Coat &  Shoe Set (Multi & Fuschia Pink)

6-9 months

DSCN2776Available on Etsy


Baby Coat & Shoe Set (Kingfisher Blue & Lemon)

3-6 months

DSCN2785Available on Etsy


Little Cabled Smock Coat & Hat Set (Coral Pink & Cream)

3-9 momths

DSCN2212Available on Etsy

Pastel Pink Smock Coat and Hat set.

Smock Coat & Hat          DSCN0753

This pretty coat is cabled to the waist to give a smock effect. The white trim and collar gives it a traditional, but stylish look and it is offset with pink and white polka dotted buttons. It would be ideal for little girls aged 3-9 months and to complete the outfit there are matching boots and a warm bobble hat. Everything is machine washable so ideal for busy mums too!

Smock Coat    Little Smock Coat   DSCN0779

Little Blue Hoodie

DSCN0851   DSCN0870

This warm little coat is ideal for baby boy aged 0-3 months. The pastel blue is offset with white trim and blue buttons and the garter stitch ridge gives added texture which is repeated in the matching boots. Generous hood makes sure baby is extra warm!

Pram Coat

DSCN0859    DSCN0867

This pretty little coat in a daffodil yellow is ideal for spring. The pattern on the hem of the coat is repeated on the collar and  the pull on hat. Little yellow duck buttons complete the jacket

Pram/Car Coat (Pink)

DSCN0852   DSCN0873

This warm merino wool coat is ideal for chillier days. Pale pink with a darker hem, collar and button band for contrast. Fastens with three buttons and has two little pockets in the front.



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