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Nursery Knitwear


Little Snowdrop

I’ve been busy this week preparing for my first Craft Fair, but managed to finish this little bolero and matching shoes. Its the last item I’m making that will be coming with me to the fair.


It will fit baby 3-6 months and just the thing to wear over the gorgeous little dresses that are the fashion this Christmas. Its in a soft snowy white and the eyelet edging is threaded with baby pink ribbon.


The little Mary Jane shoes complement the bolero beautifully with their pale pink ribbon roses and pearly pink button fastening


This will be  added to the rest of the stock I’ve built up and carefully boxed away. I’ve worked out a display which I hope will work on the day, just need to finish off labelling. Will take plenty of photos at the fair and post later how I get on.



Angel Delight

Thought I would have a rest this week from creating dolls, bunnies and teddies so I finished off this little Coat and Hat set.

Coat and Hat

The set will fit a baby 3-6 months it is knitted in DK in a beautiful baby pink with white trim. Its done entirely in garter stitch so quite a simple quick knit. The turn back cuffs and double breasted tab fastening give it a smart chic look, saving it from being too plain.

DSCN1976  DSCN1978

The matching bobble hat and little boots complete the outfit keeping baby nice and warm as well as looking like a little angel.



Little Poppy

Just finised knitting the second doll on my list and have named her Poppy


I used the same pattern as I did for little Holly which I completed last month so they are in effect sisters! Used different colour combinations this time mainy pinks and lilacs.

DSCN1954    DSCN1956

Tried a different hairstyle this time but still found it a challenge to do. I cut the yarn longer this time and used more of it to give it a thicker, bushier look. I think her hair turned out better than Holly’s but I’m still not over the moon with it. Next time I might try curly hair, now that will be a challenge and a half!

DSCN1949   DSCN1960

She actually looks more a little lady than tomboy Holly – the difference hairstyles and colour combinations can make. Both little dolls will be wrapped up soon, as they are destined to be Christmas presents to two little sisters.

Poppy and Holly

Poppy and Holly


Percy the penguin

I have a lot of projects on the needles at the moment as I’m frantically working through my Christmas ‘to do’ list. My second little doll is progressing nicely and two teddy bears have been cast on. I thought I would make a quick Christmas ornament for my daughter Hannah who we will be visiting this weekend. Came across this little Jean Greenhowe character and knew I had to make him!


He stands at 7 inches and is well wrapped up against the elements for a night of carol singing! I love the little lantern, it is such a cute detail and was easy to make.

He is knitted in DK using oddments from my stash. I’m so used to knitting with pastels and bright colours that I found knitting with black  strange and quite hard on the eyes at times. The hat and scarf were quick to knit and a snug cosy fit. The lantern pole is actually a bendy straw covered in a piece of reverse stocking stitch and the lantern just hangs at the end. I wish I had used a more luminous shade of yellow for the lantern, to give it a better glow.

Percy in the making

Percy in the making

I was pleased with the way he turned out, I hope he’ll be a nice surprise for Hannah and that he’ll be around for many Christmases to come.


Little Holly

I’ve been busy knitting dolls this week, I’ve got two to make before December and have just completed the first one. So here she is, little Holly

Holly Knitted Doll

Holly Knitted Doll  DSCN1889

It is my first attempt at making a doll and I am relatively pleased with the way she has turned out. I used one of the Dollytime patterns from the Flutterby Patch blog. I love this lady’s little dolls they are all so sweet, the sort that should be sitting down to tea parties.

The pattern was very clear and straight forward to follow but I did find doing the hair a bit of a nightmare and trying to get a sweet expression on the doll wasn’t easy!!  I don’t think my Holly has turned out to be a tea party girl, I think she’s a  fiesty little character who couldn’t give a toss what her hair looks like… she’s off for an adventure!

She measures 12 inches and is knitted in DK yarn, I used 4mm needles which made her a bit bigger.

DSCN1831  DSCN1872

The body and head are knitted as one long tube with the head created by gathering in a section of the tube after stuffing. Legs and arms are knitted separatley and stitched in place. The hair is attached at the top of the head and stitched in place at the back of the head then gathered into two bunches.


The little pants, dress and cardigan were lovely to knit, they only took up oddments of yarn, and they were such a good fit.  Once dressed and hair trimmed little Holly looks ready to face the world


She was fun to create although I do have a lot to learn about hair techniques. So I’m off now to look through my stash and sort out the colour combination for Holly’s sister.

Little Holly

Holly in the making