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More for the Toy Box

I earmarked February for making toys and as we are fast approaching the end of the month I have been putting the final touches to most of the little characters that have been in various stages of creation.


Bethany Bear

First of all there is Bethany bear, a 12 inch blue eyed bear dressed in her finest.


She is created in chunky yarn,  but because I couldn’t find the right teddy bear  shade I used two strands of DK for the head and non clothing parts of her. Seemed to work quite well although it did get a bit annoying when the yarns kept getting twisted!

Bethany Bear

The shoes, legs and body are knitted in one piece, with the head and arms seperate and later attached. The dress in a pretty turquoise and yellow is knitted in DK and is removeable.

Tin Soldiers

I’m always being told I don’t do enough toys for the boys so when I saw this pattern for soldiers and horses in Sarah Keen’s ‘Knitted Nursery Rhymes’ I just had to make them.


They are the ‘all the Kings horses and all the Kings men’ from the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. and I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out. The soldiers are about 8 inches tall, they knit up quickly and only take up small amounts of yarn but they are a bit fiddly to put together

Soldiers and horse

The horse is really sweet, he is 5 inches high and more ‘Muffin the Mule’ than ‘War Horse’

DSCN2347  DSCN2344

I can see children, (not just boys) having a great deal of fun with these.

Sally the Doll

I decided to make another doll, although not quite sure about poor old Sally, not sure if she is a doll or a scarecrow!


I have a lot of respect for people who can make dolls. I’ve seen some fantastic dolls made by friends on Ravelry and there is certainly an art to making them, but it’s a skill I’ve certainly not acquired yet.


Thought I would opt for yellows and greens for a spring like look, her little pinafore is removeable, but I’ve stitched the hat on permanently because I’m not overjoyed with her hair!!!

Must plan for March now. The Womens Weekly group on Rav are having a bunny KAL so rabbits and rabbit themed items yet again will feature on my ‘to do’ list



Mrs Bunny’s Bundle of Joy

Well the rumours were true about Mrs. Bunny, she was in the family way and is now the proud mother of a lttle girl bunny ‘Rosebud’


When I first saw this pattern on Ravelry over a year ago I just knew at some stage I would attempt it. It is baby bunny in a basket crib by Wendy Phillips, who also has patterns for some of the cutest little knitted dolls I’ve ever seen.


‘Rosebud’ is such a sweet little bunny measuring 6 inches and comes in her own Moses basket complete with mattress, pillow and blanket. The Moses basket has carry handles so a little girl could transport it with her wherever she goes.

It was fiddly to make with such a lot of little parts but well worth it for the end result.

Bunny and basket

The bunny and accessories were all knitted in DK except fot the basket which required 2 strands of DK to make it firm and sturdy. I’m so used to knitting with 4 ply and double knitting that I found the chunky weight of 2 strands of DK  quite hard going on the hands. A pink frill was knitted seperately and sewn around the basket which complemented the pink frill around the pillow.


Mrs Bunny is obviously bonding well with her first born, you can imagine the hours of fun a child could have with this little creation. It does make me smile at how similar the little bunny is to her mother even though they are from different patterns, it’s obviously down to the way I do the faces!!!


Now were is Mr. Bunny is all this you may well ask, obviously celebrating the birth with his friends down in the ‘Carrot Patch’ (mmm does sound like it could be the name of a pub).



Mrs Bunny’s Shopping Trip

To try and hurry on Spring I decided this week to start on a few little rabbits. I’m booked into a couple of Craft Fairs in April, just in time for Easter so hoping these will go down well.


The last rabbits I made were the Bridal Bunnies back in September. This is the new Mrs Bunny with her basket, out shopping apparently for yarn. Mmmm rumour has it she is expecting!

For this rabbit I used the Debi Birken ‘Bunty Bunny’ pattern for the basic rabbit, it’s an easy pattern to knit and construct. The shoes, legs and body are knitted in one piece with the head and arms knitted seperately and  attched. She is 9 inches high from shoes to the tips of her ears and knitted in a light fawn colour,


With just small amounts of DK in pinks ,white lilac and grey I knitted: The Dress


Then the coat which has a rib effect pattern with collar and edgings in pink.


The little basket was knitted in moss stitch, just the right size for her to hold and small amounts of yarn were rolled up into small balls. Thought for the Craft Fair I could put small easter eggs in the basket.


Looks like our little bunny is going to be busy knitting away for her little one, which could be a clue to my next project!

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Little Cable Coat

Can’t believe we have reached February already, January seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. Although saying that, looking back at the projects I’ve completed productivity hasn’t been too bad,but most of it has been down to the miserable wet winter we have experienced. Definately indoors weather

This week I finished my Little Cable coat


I love this pattern I have used it many times and have always been pleased with the result. It’s a traditional little coat with a vintage look but very stylish!


The colour is a beautiful coral pink with the button bands and collar in a contrasting cream colour.

DSCN2207   DSCN2208

The cabled bodice gives a smock or flared effect to the skirt of the coat, with the buttons stopping at the waist. This is an ideal design for babies to wear over dresses, to stop creasing etc..

It is a surprisingly quick and easy little coat to knit, even the cabling was straightforward and there is something about cables which do make a knit quite impressive.

DSCN2217   DSCN2210

To complement the coat I knitted a matching bobble hat which has a 2×2 ribbed rim to ensure a good fit. Of course I had to make the signature Mary Janes to complete the set


In the process of compiling a possible list of projects for February, think I may concentrate on little toys, haven’t made a bunny or bear in quite a while!