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Teds in Bed


There is nothing sweeter than a little teddy bear all tucked up in bed. This project was all done in DK yarn on 4mm needles, and didn’t take long at all. The most time consuming piece was the knitting bag which was all knitted in one piece including the attached pillow.


It’s just the right size for a little girl to play with. The bear is 8 inches, her little teddy is 3 inches and the sleeping bag itself when finished is 9 inches in length.


The bear has a cute little candy striped nightdress and little bow.


The sleeping bag has a stuffed pillow at the top and appliqued bears sewn on the central panel. It was knitted in one piece, folded and sewn in place.


Both little bears fit snugly inside, all ready to be taken on a sleepover at Nana’s



More For The Toy Box…

With all the crafting and fitting in holidays I haven’t had much time to post lately, but here are a few items I’ve worked on in the last month.

Toy Group.jpg

Hopefully they will all go off as gifts to delight their new owners.

Hannah & Pip

Doll and Dog 2

As Autumn is fast approaching I thought a warm duffle coat would make a good seasonal addition to a dolls wardrobe and one she can use when taking her little puppy dog Pip for a walk!

Doll and Dog 4.jpg

The duffle coat is done in a simple garter stitch and I thought yellow toggles would work well with the yellow and green dress and yellow hair bows. The red lead attaches very nicely round the dolls hand.

Toy Group 1

Nothing nicer than meeting up with a friend. Both dolls are from the same pattern, just different hairstyles. Love using choosing the colours for the outfits, then seeing how different each one turns out.

Doll and Dog 5.jpg

From green & yellow to…

Doll in Pink

… to blue and pink…


and another one in similar colours.

Jack Bunny

Continuing with the duffle coat theme had to make one for a bunny

Bunny in Duffle 2.jpg

This time in turquoise and navy, which teams up nicely with the baggy overalls.

Bunny in Duffle

Baby Bear


This cute little 5″ bear would delight a little girl who loves putting dolls to bed as it fits beautifully in the 9″ Moses basket.


and looks very snug wrapped up in her blanket.




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Matty and Tilda

I have been working on more bears this week. These two are from the same pattern by Ala and Ela

Matty and Tilda


They are created in a sitting position and measure 8.5″ – 9″. Matty came out a bit bigger as I knitted a couple of more lines in the legs and body.

They are classic little bears and surpringly a quick knit, the hardest bit is sewing the legs properly so you get the bears in a sitting position.

I made Tilda first

DSCN4734I couldn’t wait to put the dress on her, love the pleated affect of the skirt.


Think if I make her again I’ll try and make the legs jointed so she can also be put in a standing position. Just a word of warning don’t overstuff the arms or you will have a tight squeeze getting her into the dress!

DSCN4739The little bow in her hair adds the finishing touch.

After making her I had to make a boy teddy, so started work on Matty


Although they are from the same pattern he does look a different little character.


His little trousers and jumper fit quite nicely and he looks quite a cute cuddly bear waiting for someone to love him!

DSCN4766I like this pattern it makes a good traditional looking teddy bear and  I will certainly ake more of them in the future



Autumn Bear

Weather is certainly changing here in the UK, there is a definate autumnal feel in the air, although August wasn’t that much warmer! Just finished a bear with the cold weather in mind, so made sure he is well wrapped up to brave the elements.

Joey Bear

teddy & coat

He is a sweet little bear measuring 11″. Both bear and clothes are knitted in DK on 4mm needles.


Instead of knitting the jumper seperately I knitted  the upper body and sleeves in a different yarn to create the jumper. Thought this would make his clothes less bulky when wearing the duffle coat.


The yellow jumper and orange baggy overalls are good colours for Autumn yet still bright for the nursery.


The duffle coat is a good fit, I used four toggles to give a double breasted look.


Joey looks nice and snug for the cold times ahead!!



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Bears and Bunnies

Life now seems to be settling down to some semblance of a routine after experiencing the sad loss of my Mum. Thank you everybody for your expressions of sympathy and prayers, most of you I only know through the internet and your kindness and support have been very touching.

It was my Mum who taught me to knit all those years ago and she was always a fan of my knitting no matter how it turned out!!! So over the past couple of weeks I have picked up the needles again and managed to finish a few works in progress.

William Bear


William is a cute little bear created from one of the Mary Jane’s Tearoom patterns. I knitted the bear and his clothes in DK using 4mm for the bear and 3.75mm needles for the clothes.


He measures 17″ so a good size bear and the clothes just fit beautifully.


He looks ready for action. Just love his little boots they fit so well which is all down to the clever design of Mary Jane.

I think William would look great in any nursery and would also make a lovely gift to any collector of bears.


Jed and Jess


This little pair are also from Mary Jane’s Tearoom. They are quite small but when put together they do make a cute pair.


They are virtually the same pattern, with the girl bunny having floppy ears and a pinafore…


While the boy bunny has straight ears and a pair of breeches. They measure about eight to nine inches tall and could sit quite nicely in the corner of a crib or play pen.


Last but not least come another pair of Debi Birken rabbits.


They are based on Bunty Bunny and you can have such a lot of fun making their little outfits.


The rabbits measure 11″ and their clothes can be made from small amounts of yarn you may have left over in your stash.


Be warned these rabbits are highly addictive once you start to make them!!



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A Few More Teddy Bears

In between a short break to Church Stretton and Shrewsbury I’ve managed to complete a few more Teddy Bears.

DSCN4273Of course it was a great incentive having a Teddy Bear KAL on Ravelry to keep me motivated!

Candy Bear is from a Mary Jane Tearoom Pattern


A beautiful 17″ bear, although the pattern for the clothes called for 4ply I modified it to use DK which worked out fine. I do love her outfit and think she would look wonderful in any nursery.


The other two little teddy bears are just 10″and a good size for a child to hold.

Amy Bear


She is knitted in DK with a peach and orange dress and a little orange bolero


Tessa Bear


Using the same pattern I made Tessa, love the way these bears all come out slightly different. Her outfit is a medley of pink.


Off now to find a few more projects to keep me busy!!



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More from the Tea Room!

The period before Christmas was so busy, there were times when I thought I was running Santa’s workshop. Most of the items I’ve knitted in the past few months have been toys so I think I’ll start the New year off working on some baby clothes!

Now that I have a bit of spare time I’ll share a few of the items I made just in time for Christmas.

My favourites were a  bear and rabbit made from patterns from Mary Jane’s Tearoom.


They were big projects which required a lot of work but well worth it.

Bo Rabbit


She is a bunny all set for the ski slopes.


Her body is knitted in DK yarn with clothes in 4ply. I just loved the leg warmers and snow boots. The little details just make these rabbits.


She measures 17″ when standing I knitted the body with 4mm needles and the clothes on 3.25mm, love her long floppy ears which were done in double moss stitch and adds a contrasting texture against all the stocking stitch.


I’m sure she is a bunny who would enjoy the Apres Ski  as well!

Edward Bear


He is actually Mary Jane’s Romeo Bear, but when I put him all together he was definately an Edward bear in my mind.


He came out such a cuddly little bear, he is knitted in DK along with his cute little outfit. Loved his little jumper with the fair isle kisses and hearts motif.


Again he stands at 17″ and very smart in his new walking shoes.


Although hard work he is definately a teddy you would want to make again.

Chloe the Doll


Love this doll pattern, she is about 12″, quick to knit and you can have a lot of fun with colour combinations for her.

DSCN3848Always looks well co-ordinated with matching cardigan and I knitted her a little bag to match her shoes.


2014 has been a busy and productive year on the knitting front and I’m looking forward to creating more in 2015.

Happy New Year everybody! Hope it is a good one for you all xx