Carol Turner

Nursery Knitwear


Little Ray of Sunshine

Still kept to the Easter theme this week. This little set is destined as an Easter gift.


I have made this little ribbon-edged bolero many times, it’s a fairly simple pattern knitted in stocking stitch with an eyelet border but it does become quite special when the ribbon is threaded through.


The edging is knitted seperately and attached, I always like to do the edging in a contrasting colour. The body of this bolero is knitted with a dappled DK yarn which gives an almost polka dot effect


It is a pretty little bolero that would team up well with a special little dress. The little Mary Jane shoes are the ones from last weeks post knitted in matching yarn


I thought a little Easter duck would complete the gift set so knitted the mother duck from Jean Greenhowe’s ‘Duck Family’


She stands at about 5 inches, the body is knitted with two strands of DK along with the feet and beak. The bonnet is knitted in 4 ply and as with all of Jean’s patterns fits the little character perfectly.


Must start on my ‘to do’ list for next week. Have a lovely week-end everybody



Easter Footwear

The room is now decorated and just waiting for the carpet to be laid. So I’ve had more time than I thought to spend on the knitting and managed to finish some little booties and shoes for the Craft Fair.


I used yellow as the main colour as we are coming up to Easter. Yellow is a very happy colour to knit with must be because it is the colour of sunshine. All footwear are knitted in DK with small oddments of yellows, whites and orange.

Still in keeping with the Womens Weekly KAL, I continued with the rabbit theme, making some Bunny Booties


These would fit a baby 6-9 months, the ribbed cuff would ensure the booties stay on, although the ears may get a good tugging from little hands.

The Duck Booties are the same size and use the same basic pattern.


I knitted two round balls, and sewed on an orange beak to create the duck heads, which fitted perfectly on to the bootie


This is a good pattern which can be adapted to create many different animals, may try frog booties next.


The Mary Jane shoes are an old favourite, I always try to make a pair to match any little coat or jacket I’ve knitted


These shoes would fit a baby 3-6 months, they do look really pretty in yellow and would complement that special little dress to be worn on Easter Sunday.


Taking a break from knitting for a few days, to rest the hands, but the mind is already on the next project!





Bob the Bunny

It has been a busy week, not so much with crafting but we have started decorating our bedroom. Decorating projects can be exciting, like choosing colour schemes, paints, wallpaper etc, but I hate the upheaval in the house. As is the nature of decorating any room there is always the knock on effect to other rooms when furniture is moved and deposited in any little space .Ahhh can’t wait for it to be finished!

However I’ve not given up the knitting, need it more than ever now to keep sane. Did manage this week to finish a boy bunny – still part of the Womens Weekly KAL – so meet Bob the Bunny


He measures 11 inches from his feet to the tips of his ears. Chose the bold colours of red and blue to make sure he has a boyish look. Loved making his little jumper and overalls



He is knitted in DK and the clothes only take up small amounts of yarn. Really love the baggy overalls they do make him look a bit of a rascal, just like his cousin Peter from Cumbria!!


Best get back to lending a hand with the room, although I might clock off early so I can cast onĀ  another project!!


Little Spring Rabbits

This week I managed to complete the little spring bunnies I’ve been working on for the Womens Weekly KAL on Ravelry. Here they are, twins Buttercup and Daisy.


They are small delicate little rabbits, about 9 inches tall with cute floppy ears. They are knitted in DK, I thought I would use spring colours of yellow and green again. Wasn’t sure which colour to use for the jumper and then the pinafore, so decided to reverse the colours on each bunny. Was pleased with result as they do look very much a pair.

Making Spring Bunny

Lots of little parts to knit for each bunny, but it was the sewing them altogether which took the longest, I think their boots with the little bow is my favourite bit of the pattern, so sweet.

Buttercup and Daisy

Since it is still early March may have a go at another rabbit, perhaps a boy one this time!