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Sunday Best

It has been a busy weeek getting to grips with the Etsy culture. You certainly learn a lot from the forums and joining teams on Etsy is apparently the way to go to get your shop noticed. You must also work on your SEO (search engine optimisation) and work with all the available social media, so the promotion aspect seems like a full time job in itself.

I’ve no doubt it will take time to get established so patience must be practised! Anyway back to the knitting, this week I finished a little vintage style coat  which I ‘ve called:

Sunday Best


It is a really sweet little coat that will fit a baby 3-6 months. It is in DK, the main colour is a soft peach and the contrasting colour is what I would call a salmon pink, not quite orange but leaning that way. Well whatever the shade is I thought they complemented each other well.

The lower skirt has a pleat effect by working a k8 p4 sequence and then by the waist a gradual decrease leads to a cabled panel in the bodice.


I knitted two little bows in the contrasting colour and attached them at the point were the cable ends and the pleats begin. The pattern is repeated on the back which I think is a beautiful design.


The little half belt is a lovely feature and gives it a very stylish look. As usual I have knitted a matching pair of Mary Jane shoes


The style of the coat reminds me of the coats little girls wore in the 1950s, definately a classic design.




A New Venture!

After very careful consideration I went ahead this week and opened a shop  on Etsy. Within 24 hours I got my first sale, wow was I excited, but since then everything has been eerily quiet. I am told Etsy is a vast marketplace and you have to work really hard at marketing and promoting your shop otherwise you will get buried. So as my first sale was probably a fluke I will have to get to grips with the finer points of on-line trading. If anyone has any tips or experience I am all ears!

No point in having a shop if I don’t have anything to put in it, so it was hard at work as usual with the knitting. This week I completed my:

Little Dazzler Coat


This would fit a baby girl 6-9 months and is knitted in DK. I love the way the yarn knits up giving a random spotted effect.


I used a contrasting yarn, a fushia pink which matches one of the colours in the main yarn for the hem, button bands and collar. I always prefer to use a solid colour alongside multi-coloured yarns to prevent the colours becoming too random.


I used different coloured buttons to reflect the colours in the main yarn, and of course knitted a matching pair of shoes to complete the outfit.


Well this is a coat you can’t buy in the shops but you may find it on Etsy!!!



…..And One for a Prince

I have been putting the finishing touches to a hat and coat set for a baby boy due at the end of June. It certainly does help when you know the sex of the baby beforehand!


Knitted in a lovely powder blue with white trim, I decided to opt for  a size 6-9 months. Babies are given so many gifts in newborn size that some never get worn as  babies grow so fast.

I used the basic pattern for the little pink smock coat from last weeks post and modified it for a boy. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so was delighted when presented with a perfect opportunity to see how it would work out. I basically made the body shorter and started the cabling at the hem.


The back is also cabled.


The cabling does give the coat more bulk so will be a warm knit for the Autumn and Winter months, would be ideal as a car or pram coat.

Made a bobble hat and some matching boots


So hopefully he will be protected against the elements and look quite stylish in the bargain!





For a Little Princess

Just returned from a very pleasant little break up in Scotland, amid beautiful countryside and even managed to fit in a bit of knitting, so a successful holiday all round!

I have managed to finish some little gifts a dear friend asked me to make for her little granddaughter due in July. So handy when you know the sex of the baby, you can choose  style and colours with confidence.

I was asked for a Coat and hat set in pink, and a little bunny and teddy dressed in pastel yellow and green. So first I created:

Meadow bunny


A sweet little rabbit measuring 10 inches from the tips of her ears . She is knitted in DK with a removeable pinafore.

Meadow Bunny

Shoes and little jumper are in a soft minty green, although in the photos the colour looks more like turquoise! The pinafore was knitted in two different shades of yellow, with hem, bib and straps done in moss stitch.

To complement the little bunny I made:

Theo Bear


This little bear is also knitted in DK and the same size as the bunny, so they make a really cute pair.

Theo Ted

I used the same colours for ted, but used the yellow for the shoes and the green for his baggy overalls. I did use buttons for the toys clothing but they are very securely fastened in place with a strong good quality thread.


They do make a cute little pair!

Little Cabled Coat


I was asked to make this Little Cabled coat, a favourite pattern of mine in pale pink with white trim.  The cabled bodice gives a smock effect to the coat which is really pretty. I made the coat in size 6-9 months which ensures it will fit in the winter months when most needed.


Couldn’t make up my mind whether to knit boots or shoes to go with the coat so ended up doing both, as they both go so well with the coat.


They are all packaged now for the journey across the Atlantic to await the birth of a Little Princess due in July!