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Nursery Knitwear


Novelty Footwear

There is something very satisfying in knitting little booties and shoes, they are a quick knit and  guaranteed to bring out a smile and an ahhhh response.

Woodland Booties

Owl booties

I thought this time I would go for owl booties, to make a change from the usual bunny and duck ones


They are knitted in DK  on 3mm needles They are knitted in woodland colours, a light fawn with orange piping and a green cuff. Sole of the booties are  4.5 inches (11 cm) with plenty of stretch so will fit baby 3-6 months and beyond.  The ribbed cuff gives a snug fit around the ankles so should hopefully stay on without the need to tie in place with ribbons.

Owl booties 3

To match the booties I knitted a little owl toy, which measures 7″, a good size to fit in the corner of a cot or play pen and of course for little hands to hold.

Owl booties 2

Little Puppy Slippers


These little slippers were knitted for twins, they were knitted in DK on 3.75mm needles and would fit babies 0-3 months.


The little puppy heads were a bit fiddly to assemble and attach to the booties, but well worth the effort.


After knitting  the  slippers for the boy/girl twins I was asked to knit some more for girl twins.





Budding Ballerinas

There is always something so dreamy and romantic about the ballet and here are two little sisters who dream of performing at Covent Garden although the bottom of the garden is more likely to be their venue!

Margot Bunny


She is based on Debi Birkin’s Bunty Bunny.


She certainly likes to practice her moves!!


I knitted the body of the rabbit in White and made three little skirts attching each on top of the other to give a tutu effect


Her little Ballet wrap keeps her warm once she has cooled down after her excercises!


Darcy Bunny

I did say these rabbits are addictive so had to make another one in differeny colours.


Darcy is a cutie as well, she is a lovely grey bunny and loves her pink an lilac outfit.

DSCN4570Any thing Margot can do, she can do as well, nothing like a bit of rivalry to spurr you on!!


Think these bunnies are lovely gifts for little girls who have similar dreams of  becoming ballerinas!!

On the same theme I’ve finished a little Baby Ballet Wrap


This is an 18″ chest so should fit a little girl up to 6 months. The inner wrap is secured by a button

DSCN4561 and the outer wrap fastens with a pretty pink polka dotted ribbon.


The matching hat and shoes also have the polka dot theme.

Off now to finish some dolls I’ve been working on



A Busy January

Well it’s the last day of January and I do feel quite pleased with myself on the knitting front. January has been quite a productive month but I put most of that down to the cold miserable weather we have had, it just makes you want to stay indoors and knit.

I had an idea of teaming up novelty baby booties with a matching toy and made up two sets.

Duck Set


This little set certainly makes you think of spring, love the yellow and orange combination, looks very bright and sunny. The duck toy is from Jean Greenhowes ‘Duck Family’, a very quick knit using two strands of DK yarn on 4mm needles. The bonnet is so cute and fits perfectly, and she stands at 4.5 inches.


I knitted two little duck heads and attached them to a pair of booties. Quite hard to get both heads to look exactly the same, but then it does add to the charm when they are a bit different!


When all put together they do make for a cute gift, perfect for Easter.


Rabbit Set

This was a fun set to make, and as you can see I’m making good use of the yellow yarn in my stash!


I made the rabbit in reverse stocking stitch, which I actually prefer for little little rabbits and teddy bears. She is from a free pattern Rabbit and Bear by April Cromwell and there is a selection of cute little outfits to knit for them.


In a standing position rabbit is 7 inches, but you can attach her legs to put her in a sitting postion, either way she is a good size for little hands.


Again a sweet little set for Easter or a gift to welcome a new baby into the world.

More Bunnies

I also managed to finish off another couple of bunnies.


They are both knitted in a beautiful silver grey yarn from the Debi Birkin pattern. I originally knitted the bunny on the right for the Valentine’s Day KAL on Ravelry and knitted her a red heart to hold.


To be honest though I prefer her to be more homely in a little cardigan. (what is it about librarians and cardigans!!)


She looks warm and well cared for in her cardigan!!


For the bunny on the left I made a dress to be worn for the seaside. Really it was just a matter of putting pale blue, navy blue and red together.

DSCN4157She certainly looks a serious little bunny!  To keep her warm from the bracing sea winds I made her a little bolero or summer cardigan.


Must start think about projects for february now!!



With Spring in Mind

January has been so busy there hasn’t been much time for blogging. Now that I’ve given myself a day off ( oh I’m such and enlightened employer!) I’ll share a few items I’ve been working on. With Easter being early this year thought I would stock up on some more rabbits as I had to say goodbye to most of them before Christmas.


The body of these rabbits are based on the Debi Birken Design Bunty Bunny. Love this pattern, it’s quick and easy and you are guaranteed a cute rabbit at the end. Once you have made a few it’s easy to modify and make a variety of clothes for them.


I love the way they all have their own special character. I prefer to work on each one from start to finish rather then knitting 4 heads, 8 ears etc. that way you feel each one is unique.

I did promise to start knitting more baby clothes so finished this traditional matinee set.


It is knitted in DK in a pretty peppermint green with white edging. It has a pretty lacy skirt and sleeves with a stocking stitch bodice.


It is from an old vintage pattern I have had in my collection for years. To complete the outfit there is a bodice and a pair of cute Mary Jane Shoes.


I think the ribbon roses on the shoes and bonnet give the set such a pretty look.


Must find something to do now with the rest of my day off which doesn’t include needles and yarn!!!

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Sugar and Spice

This past week I have been busy reorganising my ‘Knitting Studio’, sounds a little pretentious it’s actually my daughter’s bedroom. Since she has now left home I have been using it as my knitting room,  it is a light and sunny room so  great for taking photographs. One good think about a tidy up is you discover yarns you forgot you had, certainly a good way to cheer yourself up!!

I found I had an abundance of white yarn, whenever I buy any yarn I always buy a ball of white as well as a sort of extra, not sure why, but I’ll have to lessen that habit! So I decided to put the white to good use and knitted two little sets both to fit baby 0-3 months.

Baby Ballet Wrap


A very simple garter stitch pattern but it does have a pretty scalloped edging. Thought I would break up the white with some pink and add a gingham ribbon  for the outside fastening


with a little pink button securing the inside fastening.


A matching pair of Mary Jane Shoes embellished with gingham bows were knitted, and to complete the ensemble a little pull on hat


Lacy Baby Bolero



For the second project I decided on an equally feminine little top and opted for a lacy bolero. I used Peter Pan Lustre DK which has a viscose strand that gives a shiny sparkly look to the cardigan although it isn’t that apparent from the photos.


The edging was knitted separatley, I opted for an eyelet edging so I could thread it with ribbon just to give it that extra decorative finish, although it does look pretty without the ribbon


Again I knitted a pair of matching shoes this time embellished with ribbon roses.

Well that has used up some of the white, I’m now sorting out yarn for some October projects!!


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Something for Autumn

I thought it was time I made something for a boy, so easy to get carried away with all the gorgeous patterns I have for girls. This week I completed a snug little duffle coat and wellington booties


It’s a simple garter stitch knit which is quick and easy, in fact easy enough for a beginner, and does look cute when finished.


The coat fits an 18″ chest so suitable for a baby up to 6 months and maybe beyond. It is knitted in DK and although the photos show a turquoise blue it is actually a jade green. It is so annoying that the colour hasn’t shown up properly as it is quite a striking shade.  I used a cream coloured yarn for the edgings and pockets, and used cream coloured toggles to provide contrast.


There is a generous hood to keep baby warm, which is knitted separatley and attached.


I knitted two squares in cream and stitched them in place for pockets, to give a neater look I then chain stitched around the outside edge.


I knitted a pair of wellington boots to complete the ensemble


Definately a warm little outfit for the cooler days of Autumn which will soon be upon us.


Lemon Drops

I’ve put the dolls away this week and finished off a vintage matinee coat which I’ve had on the needles for a couple of weeks.


I love this pattern I’ve knitted it many times over the years and when finished it never disappoints. It’s from an old Emu pattern which I have had in my collection for years. I love the  measurements in vintage patterns which are usually quite generous. I am quite a tight knitter and with modern patterns I often have to go up a needle size to achieve the correct gauge and  have to add a few extra lines for a decent length. Yet when knitting from vintage patterns I never have that problem. May have a lot to do with the fact that many years ago people would expect children to get their ‘wear’ out of a garment.


The coat and bonnet are knitted in 4ply on 5mm needles, this results in a lovely soft fabric.


The lacy structure of the pattern is quite dense but very pretty. It is basically achieved by K1 P1 K1 all into 1 stitch and then P3 tog.


The coat has a generous skirt with a roomy yoke which gives a nice swing to the coat and makes dressing babies that much easier. The pattern uses a ribbon fastening at the neck, which I thought could be a bit too much as the bonnet has a ribbon tie so I left the coat open and ebellished the edgings with yellow ribbon roses which are repeated on the sides of the bonnet.


I think this type of baby coat looks so beautiful over a frilly dress. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn so didn’t knit any shoes which I thought would have completed the outfit.