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Nursery Knitwear

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Millie the Midwife

Well here is a serious little bunny who is very career minded and has become a nurse.


In fact she is a midwife, would imagine there is a great demand for her services among the rabbit population.


Millie is 11″ and knitted in DK including her uniform. I know nurses don’t dress like this anymore, but nothing says nurse more than the starched apron, the armbands and nurses cap. I remember as a child receiving an outfit like this nearly every Christmas!


The little Moses basket is 5″ in length and has  little pillow and mattress and there is a little blanket to wrap around the tiny baby bunny.


It makes a cute  play set for a little girl, especially one who is about to become a big sister.


She is a very caring and trustworthy little bunny.



Here Come the Bunnies

I have been working on some rabbits  over the past few months and I must admit a dressed bunny is definitely my knit of choice.



This 11″rabbit knitted in DK on 4mm needles has a lovely white dress with a fair-isle poppy motif.


She has a matching cardigan and little shoulder bag.


So she is ready to hit the town for some serious shopping.



Belinda is knitted from the same pattern.


Her dress has a pretty check pattern, instead of a cardigan she has a little bolero…


…and again a matching bag for her shopping.



Another bunny from the same pattern, I just love playing about with different colour combinations for the outfits.



This little dancer comes with her own ballet wrap.


Of course what little girl can’t resist a ballerina bunny!


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Lily Goes to Ballet

Just completed another bunny, she is a  lovely cream coloured bunny named Lily. Ballet Buuny

She is based on Debi Birkin’s Bunty Bunny. She measures 11″ and is knitted in DK.

Ballet Bunny3

She is quite a performer, loves practicing her moves.

Ballet Bunny2 Her little tutu is made up of three skirts layered on top of each other, and she has a little ballet wrap to complete the outfit.Ballet Bunny 4

The ballet wrap is in garter stitch and an easy little knit.  I am in the middle of writing up the pattern and hope to publish it free on the blog soon.

Ballet Bunny1

I’m sure any little girl who is into her ballet, would love a bunny like Lily in her room!






Yet Even More Rabbits

I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected this blog! Update long overdue, but in my defence I have been busy with lots of projects on the go. Here are some of the rabbits I’ve completed lately.

Rosa & Saffron


These two best friends, both 11″ high are kitted out in pretty lacy dresses with little short sleeved boleros, all ready to be taken out for that special occasion or to be placed in the centre of an Easter basket..

Girl Bunny 1

Lily is from the same pattern but has a different style dress. Her pink dress has has a floral fair-isle border, and a moss stitch bodice.

Girl Bunny

The matching green cardigan keeps her warm on cool spring days.

Daphne Bunny

Easter Bunny

You can have a lot of fun choosing colours and making clothes for these rabbits, Daphne is definately dressed with Spring in mind

Tilly & VioletTilly Bunny

Tilly is a bigger rabbit, 17″when standing. She is knitted in a beautiful grey with lovely floppy ears that make her look very feminine.



Violet is a similar bunny but knitted in white…..DSCN5369

Oliver Bunny

With all these girl bunnies about I had to make a boy just to even things out

Boy Bunny

He looks a mischievous character, with his stripey sweater and baggy overalls.

Boy Bunny 2

Off to do some shopping now for more supplies





A Few More Rabbits

After a much needed holiday at the end of September I returned refreshed and have spent October busily building up stock for a Christmas Craft Fair. Had to make some more rabbits of course.


Jack the Rabbit

Bunny in Duffle Coat

After maknig a bear in a duffle coat had to make a rabbit with one as well.


I do love teaming up a turquoise blue and a darker blue  together, one of my favourite colour combinations and they both look good with grey.


He does look snug when full dressed.

Sarah and Dora


All are from the same pattern, just variations in the colour combinations and outfits which make them very different.


For Sarah I went for a pink and lilac combination another favourite!

Bunny in Pinafore

And very fetching she looks in her pinafore.

Bunny in a dress

For Dora I opted for a little dress with puffed sleeves.

They do look a cute little trio, all waiting now for new homes.





Budding Ballerinas

There is always something so dreamy and romantic about the ballet and here are two little sisters who dream of performing at Covent Garden although the bottom of the garden is more likely to be their venue!

Margot Bunny


She is based on Debi Birkin’s Bunty Bunny.


She certainly likes to practice her moves!!


I knitted the body of the rabbit in White and made three little skirts attching each on top of the other to give a tutu effect


Her little Ballet wrap keeps her warm once she has cooled down after her excercises!


Darcy Bunny

I did say these rabbits are addictive so had to make another one in differeny colours.


Darcy is a cutie as well, she is a lovely grey bunny and loves her pink an lilac outfit.

DSCN4570Any thing Margot can do, she can do as well, nothing like a bit of rivalry to spurr you on!!


Think these bunnies are lovely gifts for little girls who have similar dreams of  becoming ballerinas!!

On the same theme I’ve finished a little Baby Ballet Wrap


This is an 18″ chest so should fit a little girl up to 6 months. The inner wrap is secured by a button

DSCN4561 and the outer wrap fastens with a pretty pink polka dotted ribbon.


The matching hat and shoes also have the polka dot theme.

Off now to finish some dolls I’ve been working on


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Bears and Bunnies

Life now seems to be settling down to some semblance of a routine after experiencing the sad loss of my Mum. Thank you everybody for your expressions of sympathy and prayers, most of you I only know through the internet and your kindness and support have been very touching.

It was my Mum who taught me to knit all those years ago and she was always a fan of my knitting no matter how it turned out!!! So over the past couple of weeks I have picked up the needles again and managed to finish a few works in progress.

William Bear


William is a cute little bear created from one of the Mary Jane’s Tearoom patterns. I knitted the bear and his clothes in DK using 4mm for the bear and 3.75mm needles for the clothes.


He measures 17″ so a good size bear and the clothes just fit beautifully.


He looks ready for action. Just love his little boots they fit so well which is all down to the clever design of Mary Jane.

I think William would look great in any nursery and would also make a lovely gift to any collector of bears.


Jed and Jess


This little pair are also from Mary Jane’s Tearoom. They are quite small but when put together they do make a cute pair.


They are virtually the same pattern, with the girl bunny having floppy ears and a pinafore…


While the boy bunny has straight ears and a pair of breeches. They measure about eight to nine inches tall and could sit quite nicely in the corner of a crib or play pen.


Last but not least come another pair of Debi Birken rabbits.


They are based on Bunty Bunny and you can have such a lot of fun making their little outfits.


The rabbits measure 11″ and their clothes can be made from small amounts of yarn you may have left over in your stash.


Be warned these rabbits are highly addictive once you start to make them!!