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Spring Knitwear

Baby Set 2With Easter just upon us and Spring on the way it won’t belong before babies can shed the bulky outdoor coats and show off the beautiful hand knitted coats and cardigans mum or gran have lovingly created.

I have a growing collection of baby patterns which I love browsing to select something to knit. I love this little pink set, so pretty and very straight forward to knit.

Baby Set 5

Knitted in DK, the skirt gently gathers into the yoke which gives it a lovely shape, and it’s just as pretty at the back.

Baby Set 4

The lacy panels are easy to do, they are a short repeat, so easy to memorise and quickly knit up. The bonnet goes well with the coat and I knitted some little booties to go with the coat.

Baby Set 6

Instead of ribbon I made two i cords for the bonnet and made two little bobbles for the ends.

Pink Baby

The above little coat is another favourite of mine, knitted this many times especially when my own children were young. For this little set I knitted a pair of Mary Jane shoes embellished with a little lace and embroidered roses.

Pink Baby 4

Not to forget the boys, here is a little blue set, which has cables in the front panel and finished with some cute little Peter Rabbit buttons.

Boy Cardigan 1

A little bobble hat and booties completes the little set.




With Spring in Mind

January has been so busy there hasn’t been much time for blogging. Now that I’ve given myself a day off ( oh I’m such and enlightened employer!) I’ll share a few items I’ve been working on. With Easter being early this year thought I would stock up on some more rabbits as I had to say goodbye to most of them before Christmas.


The body of these rabbits are based on the Debi Birken Design Bunty Bunny. Love this pattern, it’s quick and easy and you are guaranteed a cute rabbit at the end. Once you have made a few it’s easy to modify and make a variety of clothes for them.


I love the way they all have their own special character. I prefer to work on each one from start to finish rather then knitting 4 heads, 8 ears etc. that way you feel each one is unique.

I did promise to start knitting more baby clothes so finished this traditional matinee set.


It is knitted in DK in a pretty peppermint green with white edging. It has a pretty lacy skirt and sleeves with a stocking stitch bodice.


It is from an old vintage pattern I have had in my collection for years. To complete the outfit there is a bodice and a pair of cute Mary Jane Shoes.


I think the ribbon roses on the shoes and bonnet give the set such a pretty look.


Must find something to do now with the rest of my day off which doesn’t include needles and yarn!!!


Lemon Drops

I’ve put the dolls away this week and finished off a vintage matinee coat which I’ve had on the needles for a couple of weeks.


I love this pattern I’ve knitted it many times over the years and when finished it never disappoints. It’s from an old Emu pattern which I have had in my collection for years. I love the  measurements in vintage patterns which are usually quite generous. I am quite a tight knitter and with modern patterns I often have to go up a needle size to achieve the correct gauge and  have to add a few extra lines for a decent length. Yet when knitting from vintage patterns I never have that problem. May have a lot to do with the fact that many years ago people would expect children to get their ‘wear’ out of a garment.


The coat and bonnet are knitted in 4ply on 5mm needles, this results in a lovely soft fabric.


The lacy structure of the pattern is quite dense but very pretty. It is basically achieved by K1 P1 K1 all into 1 stitch and then P3 tog.


The coat has a generous skirt with a roomy yoke which gives a nice swing to the coat and makes dressing babies that much easier. The pattern uses a ribbon fastening at the neck, which I thought could be a bit too much as the bonnet has a ribbon tie so I left the coat open and ebellished the edgings with yellow ribbon roses which are repeated on the sides of the bonnet.


I think this type of baby coat looks so beautiful over a frilly dress. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn so didn’t knit any shoes which I thought would have completed the outfit.


Little English Rose

This past week I have been working on a lacy matinee set. I do love little lacy cardigans and jackets on babies. The coat of this set is from an old vintage knitting pattern which I inherited from my mother and cost 6d in the old currency!

Little English Rose


The set is knitted in a pastel pink DK yarn with the edgings in a paler pink. The lacy pattern was easy to follow. I always find the first few lines of a lacy pattern require a lot of concentration (and the occasional unpicking) but once you get into the rhythm of the stitches it can flow quite well. As the pattern builds up you instinctively know when the yarn is to come forward and when to pass stitches over.


The wide skirt of the coat decreases into a fitted stocking stitch yoke which has a two button fastening, ideal to wear over full skirted dresses.

Lacy Matinee coats always demand a bonnet I think rather than the pull on hat.


Rather than a  knitted strap I attached satin ribbon for the fastening and attached two ribbon roses at each side of the hat. Instead of booties I made some little shoes to give the set a modern twist. I managed to incorporated the pattern into the Mary Jane Shoes and attached little ribbon roses to match the hat.


The pattern has to be at least 60 years old and it did make me wonder how many little girls over the years have been dressed in an identical coat made from this pattern. No matter how old the design is, it is still pretty enough to be worn by the modern little girl.

Off to France for a couple of weeks this Wednesday so I will be taking a break from the knitting – just hope I don’t suffer withdrawal symptoms!








Sunday Best

It has been a busy weeek getting to grips with the Etsy culture. You certainly learn a lot from the forums and joining teams on Etsy is apparently the way to go to get your shop noticed. You must also work on your SEO (search engine optimisation) and work with all the available social media, so the promotion aspect seems like a full time job in itself.

I’ve no doubt it will take time to get established so patience must be practised! Anyway back to the knitting, this week I finished a little vintage style coat  which I ‘ve called:

Sunday Best


It is a really sweet little coat that will fit a baby 3-6 months. It is in DK, the main colour is a soft peach and the contrasting colour is what I would call a salmon pink, not quite orange but leaning that way. Well whatever the shade is I thought they complemented each other well.

The lower skirt has a pleat effect by working a k8 p4 sequence and then by the waist a gradual decrease leads to a cabled panel in the bodice.


I knitted two little bows in the contrasting colour and attached them at the point were the cable ends and the pleats begin. The pattern is repeated on the back which I think is a beautiful design.


The little half belt is a lovely feature and gives it a very stylish look. As usual I have knitted a matching pair of Mary Jane shoes


The style of the coat reminds me of the coats little girls wore in the 1950s, definately a classic design.



Finishing Off

It has been such a busy week preparing for Easter and the family coming home that I decided to just concentrate on finishing a few projects which have been in various stages of completion.


I actually started these little outfits before Christmas, with most of the pieces already knitted up, but they were put aside when other more urgent orders came in. The little matinee coats are from an old vintage pattern which I used for my own children when babies.


Both Matinee coats are from the same pattern, I just reversed the colours which are a lovely creamy yellow and white and the lacy pattern gives a very pretty effect


I used little duck buttons on both coats and made a pair of Mary Jane shoes for one and a pair of little booties for the other


Using the same yarn I knitted a jumper and some seriously cute tennis shoes, which would fit a baby 6-12 months


The white stripes are achieved by two rows of garter stitch which give a ridged effect, and for easy dressing it has a three button fastening at the back.


Nothing worse than trying to squeeze a neck opening over a baby’s head! The tiny tennis shoes were a pattern on ravelry which I just fell in love with. They are very quick and easy to knit and seemed to go so well with the jumper.


Also finished  a pair of Crossover Shoes for a little girl in pink and lilac, so all in all quite a productive week


Hope everybody has a joyful Easter, will have a little break from the knitting and start on some new projects next week

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Little Cable Coat

Can’t believe we have reached February already, January seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. Although saying that, looking back at the projects I’ve completed productivity hasn’t been too bad,but most of it has been down to the miserable wet winter we have experienced. Definately indoors weather

This week I finished my Little Cable coat


I love this pattern I have used it many times and have always been pleased with the result. It’s a traditional little coat with a vintage look but very stylish!


The colour is a beautiful coral pink with the button bands and collar in a contrasting cream colour.

DSCN2207   DSCN2208

The cabled bodice gives a smock or flared effect to the skirt of the coat, with the buttons stopping at the waist. This is an ideal design for babies to wear over dresses, to stop creasing etc..

It is a surprisingly quick and easy little coat to knit, even the cabling was straightforward and there is something about cables which do make a knit quite impressive.

DSCN2217   DSCN2210

To complement the coat I knitted a matching bobble hat which has a 2×2 ribbed rim to ensure a good fit. Of course I had to make the signature Mary Janes to complete the set


In the process of compiling a possible list of projects for February, think I may concentrate on little toys, haven’t made a bunny or bear in quite a while!