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Nursery Knitwear


Jungle Pals


I’ve had quite a few requests recently for elephants and monkeys, so imagine jungle themed nurseries must be in vogue.

Both these little charactters are 11 inches in height. I based the monkey’s face on Ala & Ela’s pattern as I think it does produce a cute and cheeky monkey.


I knitted his little jumper in red and yellow stripes (2 rows each) but when making it up I actually preferred the wrong side, I thought the pattern more colourful so made it up ‘inside out’ so to speak.


He looks a playful character, ready for mischief!


Both animals have the same body and outfit, just different heads. I do like making these little jumpers and overalls and seeing them in different colours


They certainly brighten up the nursery.



Best of Friends

I was asked to knit a monkey and a rabbit as a gift for twin boys, so here we have Max and Ben!


I put cream markings on the rabbit to match the ears and mouth of the monkey. They are knitted in DK with the monkey measuring 15″ (he does have long skinny legs and arms) and the rabbit from tips of ears to toes is 11″


Max is from a pattern from Ala and Ela but I changed the clothes so he would match the rabbits outfit.


I put both characters in the same little jumper and baggy overalls but used different colours, so they are bright and colourful to liven up the nursery!

I have knitted the monkey before but as a girl monkey and I do think they go well together, certainly be a cute gift for boy and girl twins.


Well there’s another project!


Maddie the Monkey

For my latest project I have been spurred on this past week by the Womans Weekly KAL ‘Wild Animals’. I decided on a monkey as I have had one on my ‘to do’ list for as long as I can remember, so I have now completed Maddie the monkey.


She is a cute departure from my usual bunnies and teds, not sure how ‘wild’ she is but I’m sure that grin could change if she didn’t get her fair share of bananas!!

She is knitted in DK from an easy to follow pattern by the Twins Ala & Ela.


She measures 15″ with body, head and limbs all knitted flat and separatley so a fair bit of sewing involved.


I do love her little outfit of cropped trousers and little polka dotted top. Just the thingĀ  for a monkey to casually lounge about in


She certainly has a cheeky grin, quite mischievous in fact, and she is very posable. I certainly had a lot of fun with our photoshoot!


She would look great in a jungle themed nursery or as an additional little toy to a childs collection as she is happy to sit very pleasantly in a corner.


I can see me using this pattern again, so watch this blog for more little monkeys in the future.