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Novelty Footwear


There is something very satisfying in knitting little booties and shoes, they are a quick knit and  guaranteed to bring out a smile and an ahhhh response.

Woodland Booties

Owl booties

I thought this time I would go for owl booties, to make a change from the usual bunny and duck ones


They are knitted in DK  on 3mm needles They are knitted in woodland colours, a light fawn with orange piping and a green cuff. Sole of the booties are  4.5 inches (11 cm) with plenty of stretch so will fit baby 3-6 months and beyond.  The ribbed cuff gives a snug fit around the ankles so should hopefully stay on without the need to tie in place with ribbons.

Owl booties 3

To match the booties I knitted a little owl toy, which measures 7″, a good size to fit in the corner of a cot or play pen and of course for little hands to hold.

Owl booties 2

Little Puppy Slippers


These little slippers were knitted for twins, they were knitted in DK on 3.75mm needles and would fit babies 0-3 months.


The little puppy heads were a bit fiddly to assemble and attach to the booties, but well worth the effort.


After knitting  the  slippers for the boy/girl twins I was asked to knit some more for girl twins.




Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

4 thoughts on “Novelty Footwear

  1. Hi Carol, just wanted to say I love the little bootees. Like you I make alsorts of animals dollies etc. Ive wait for ages to get a little grandaughter, and now i have one still cant knit for her, as her mum likes all the named brand things, sort of takes the joy out of. I love to make things, spend a great deal of my time making, I get such pleasure from it, and so enjoy seeing what you,ve made. I dont sell mine, just give to charity, and friends who want them.Anyway thought Id pop by loved seeing things Vivienne.x ________________________________________

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Vivienne. I would love a grandchild but there isn’t even a glimmer of one on the horizon. lol. Such a shame when people want all the branded, trendy clothing and toys, to me babies mean hand knitted cardigans and homely little teddies but we may be one of a kind!!. So long as we enjoy making them someone will benefit.

      All the best
      Carol x

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