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This past week I have been busy reorganising my ‘Knitting Studio’, sounds a little pretentious it’s actually my daughter’s bedroom. Since she has now left home I have been using it as my knitting room,  it is a light and sunny room so  great for taking photographs. One good think about a tidy up is you discover yarns you forgot you had, certainly a good way to cheer yourself up!!

I found I had an abundance of white yarn, whenever I buy any yarn I always buy a ball of white as well as a sort of extra, not sure why, but I’ll have to lessen that habit! So I decided to put the white to good use and knitted two little sets both to fit baby 0-3 months.

Baby Ballet Wrap


A very simple garter stitch pattern but it does have a pretty scalloped edging. Thought I would break up the white with some pink and add a gingham ribbon  for the outside fastening


with a little pink button securing the inside fastening.


A matching pair of Mary Jane Shoes embellished with gingham bows were knitted, and to complete the ensemble a little pull on hat


Lacy Baby Bolero



For the second project I decided on an equally feminine little top and opted for a lacy bolero. I used Peter Pan Lustre DK which has a viscose strand that gives a shiny sparkly look to the cardigan although it isn’t that apparent from the photos.


The edging was knitted separatley, I opted for an eyelet edging so I could thread it with ribbon just to give it that extra decorative finish, although it does look pretty without the ribbon


Again I knitted a pair of matching shoes this time embellished with ribbon roses.

Well that has used up some of the white, I’m now sorting out yarn for some October projects!!



Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

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