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Little English Rose


This past week I have been working on a lacy matinee set. I do love little lacy cardigans and jackets on babies. The coat of this set is from an old vintage knitting pattern which I inherited from my mother and cost 6d in the old currency!

Little English Rose


The set is knitted in a pastel pink DK yarn with the edgings in a paler pink. The lacy pattern was easy to follow. I always find the first few lines of a lacy pattern require a lot of concentration (and the occasional unpicking) but once you get into the rhythm of the stitches it can flow quite well. As the pattern builds up you instinctively know when the yarn is to come forward and when to pass stitches over.


The wide skirt of the coat decreases into a fitted stocking stitch yoke which has a two button fastening, ideal to wear over full skirted dresses.

Lacy Matinee coats always demand a bonnet I think rather than the pull on hat.


Rather than a  knitted strap I attached satin ribbon for the fastening and attached two ribbon roses at each side of the hat. Instead of booties I made some little shoes to give the set a modern twist. I managed to incorporated the pattern into the Mary Jane Shoes and attached little ribbon roses to match the hat.


The pattern has to be at least 60 years old and it did make me wonder how many little girls over the years have been dressed in an identical coat made from this pattern. No matter how old the design is, it is still pretty enough to be worn by the modern little girl.

Off to France for a couple of weeks this Wednesday so I will be taking a break from the knitting – just hope I don’t suffer withdrawal symptoms!








Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

6 thoughts on “Little English Rose

  1. Gorgeous as usual Carol xx

  2. Dear Carol Are any of your knitting patterns available for sale I knit for local prem neo nate units and I¹m alays looking for new patterns Many Thanks Barbara email

  3. Lovely job as usual Carol. Have a lovely holiday in France, we go in a few weeks BUT I am taking knitting with me!

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