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Little Cable Coat

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Can’t believe we have reached February already, January seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. Although saying that, looking back at the projects I’ve completed productivity hasn’t been too bad,but most of it has been down to the miserable wet winter we have experienced. Definately indoors weather

This week I finished my Little Cable coat


I love this pattern I have used it many times and have always been pleased with the result. It’s a traditional little coat with a vintage look but very stylish!


The colour is a beautiful coral pink with the button bands and collar in a contrasting cream colour.

DSCN2207   DSCN2208

The cabled bodice gives a smock or flared effect to the skirt of the coat, with the buttons stopping at the waist. This is an ideal design for babies to wear over dresses, to stop creasing etc..

It is a surprisingly quick and easy little coat to knit, even the cabling was straightforward and there is something about cables which do make a knit quite impressive.

DSCN2217   DSCN2210

To complement the coat I knitted a matching bobble hat which has a 2×2 ribbed rim to ensure a good fit. Of course I had to make the signature Mary Janes to complete the set


In the process of compiling a possible list of projects for February, think I may concentrate on little toys, haven’t made a bunny or bear in quite a while!



Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

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