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The Matinee Coat


There is something so adorable about the matinee coat, so delicate, pretty and ever so dressy. No matter what the current fashions are for babies most mums do appreciate a matinee jacket for their newborn. This traditional baby attire has been around a long time with its popularity rising in the early 20th century when the use of the pram became more widespread. Before the pram a mum couldn’t take her baby far, and it would be transported in a carry shawl. With the advent of the pram the top half of the baby would be on show so warm and dressy little coats were needed and knitting skills were admired.

After watching ‘Call the Midwife’ I was inspired to knit up a lacy version for a little girl.

DSCN2194This little coat is in white DK with pale green trim and will fit baby 3-6 months.  I haven’t knitted a lacy pattern for a while and this one drove me crazy at the beginning. There was nothing complicated about it, but you do need to concentrate! There was one line of the pattern I couldn’t get into the rhythm of knitting for some reason, so there was the occaisional undoing of a line, but it eventually clicked and the pattern is a pretty one.

DSCN2181The coat was knitted in one piece, then divided at the armholes for front and back, sleeves were added and all were kntted again in one piece to create the yoke. I like a round yoke on baby clothes, it makes dressing babies easier, as you don’t have to bend little arms so much to get them into the sleeves!!

I used little pearl buttons for the fastening to achieve the vintage look. Well no matinee coat is complete without the bonnet (somehow a bobble hat just wouldn’t look right)

DSCN2189The hat is fastened with a strap and matching pearl button, but it would look pretty with ribbons and tied in a bow.

DSCN2191Of course I had to knit some matching Mary Janes to complete the whole ensemble, a girl has to have the right shoes, although traditionally it would have been little booties.

DSCN2197I think there will always be a demand for these sweet little coats which is backed by the growing trade in vintage baby knitting patterns.


Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

4 thoughts on “The Matinee Coat

  1. Awwww sooo very chic 🙂

  2. Hi Carol. Just wanted to say what beautiful outfits you are showing and was wondering if you email patterns, particularly Sunday Best outfit & Little Cable outfit. As you will notice by email address I am in NZ although originally (33 yrs ago) from Stockton-on-Tees. Thankyou & hope to hear from you. Rita

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