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Lemon Surprise!


It’s been a busy few weeks, in between getting organised for our holiday in France to helping our daughter move house in Sheffield I finally managed to complete a little hat and coat set I’ve been working on.

DSCN1481These multi-coloured yarns have certainly grown on me but I still find them a tad overpowering when knitted up on their own. The colours in this DK Papousse are beautiful very reminisent of summer sunsets and it teamed up well with the lemon for contrasting detail.

Lemon sorbet 1The muli-coloured yarn was knitted up in stocking stitch and the edgings and yoke in garter stitch for detail. Very simple little coat but very pretty overall. I used just three buttons from neck to waist, I prefer this fastening to buttons all the way down, I feel it accomodates flouncy dresses etc. much better. The little matching  bobble hat completes the outfit, just the ticket for those cooler days of Autumn.

DSCN1471   DSCN1485


Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

2 thoughts on “Lemon Surprise!

  1. I haven’t yet attempted multi coloured yarn. I love the look of it in the ball and often pick it up and imagine what it would look like knitted up, and then I out the yarn back down.
    I am in New Zealand wool swap and I am hoping that one day someone will send me some multi coloured yarn and then I will have no choice but to try it 🙂
    This is very pretty and I love the contrast.

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