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Little Boy Blue


I was asked recently if I would knit something for a little boy 2 months old, and it had to be quick, as it was needed urgently for a gift! Knitting for a boy came as a nice change as most of my projects seem to be for girls, but finding a pattern I liked was a challenge.

Boys obviously tend to be ‘no frills’ but all the patterns I looked at were either very plain ‘old man’ type cardigans or intricately cabled aran style cardigans. As I didn’t have time for the cabling I thought I’d jazz up something plain with the old standby, a few stripes.


Thought I’d go for a little duffle coat with matching wellies, a must have in any little boys wardrobe. Not that this little chap is going to be splasing about in any puddles soon.

I used a powder blue merino blend yarn which is lovely and soft and machine washable too, and used a royal blue yarn and dark blue toggles for the contrasting details.

DSCN1104  DSCN1106

The coat is knitted in garter stitch throughout so it knitted up very quickly and the stripey pockets match the stripes at the cuffs of the coat. The hood was knitted separately and then attached at the end, If I knitted this again I would consider picking up stitches at the neckline to knit the hood to give it a seamless look.

Once the coat was finished just had to make some matching wellies.

DSCN1117  DSCN1116

These were fun to do, they are in stocking stitch to give them a sturdy look! with a garter stitch sole for a good tread! They were all feverishly knitted up to meet the deadline with plenty of time for gift wrapping.


Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

3 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue

  1. What can I say! LOVE them. Is this one of your patterns or can you tell me what you used.! I am guessing you improvised 🙂

  2. Meant to also say, I love everything you make.

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