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It’s Coming Together!!

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DSCN0634Feel so guilty, have neglected the front page of this site for so long, despite a promise to myself that I would update regularly! Last few months have been hectic, a lot of time has been spent building up a sizable and varied stock of baby clothes and nursery toys to display at craft fairs and completing the knitting orders that have come through. Etsy shop is stocked but not gone live yet, this will happen soon.

Feel like I have been knitting my fingers to the bone but it has been enjoyable. Can’t beat the feeling of turning a piece of yarn into a finished garment or little toy. Knitting is such a gentle reflective art which has a rhythm and spirituality all of it’s own.

Do feel more organised now with ideas and lists for future projects need to fit everything into a regular time-table. One of my great discoveries has been the social networking site Ravelry, once you login it can be hours before you resurface. There are so many groups to get involved in and so many projects to look at, the only downside is that it eats into knitting time!!


Author: Carol Turner

Hello and welcome. I love knitting baby clothes and creating nursery toys and this site is a showcase for my little creations. Thank you for visiting and do call again soon

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